Desire is Not Weakness

How does Draco sort out his feelings for Hermione Granger with an impending war? Students at Hogwarts are on edge, but will he be able to contain himself?


1. Trapped

"This is Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world," spoke a nearly silent Hermione Granger.  She glared at the potion with distaste, almost a fear, and glanced up at Professor Slughorn, expectant.  I scoffed as Slughorn asked her to step up and smell it.  She gave her precise observations, and the rest of the girls edged a bit closer to the cauldron.  As Slughorn slammed the lid down, they each jumped slightly, after attempting to get one last sniff.


Pansy was hot on my trail after the conclusion of the class.  Babbling on about whatever it was that she smelled, how it so reminded her of me, her voice pierced my eardrums, egging on the migraine I had been attempting to keep at bay.  With my attempts to escape her shrill sounded come-ons, none other than the Gryffindor Princess slammed her way into me.  Looking up from her books, she hit me with a look of disgust, but backed away, giving the He-Weasel room to step in front of her.


"Shove off, Malfoy," he sneered.  I had contemplated a retort but decided that taking the high road would be the best way to catch them off guard.  Taking one last look at Granger, I simply shook my head, before putting it down and continuing my walk down the hall.  


"Draco!  Draco!" I could hear in the distance.  Hoping to escape Pansy's sights, I broke into a run, threw open the nearest doors, and rushed into the outdoors.  As I strode across the doors, desperately attempting to find a secluded area, I stumbled across the old Beech Tree that rested by the Black Lake.  I looked up to the sky as tears began to well up in my eyes.  


"I'm in too deep," I whispered to myself.  It wasn't often that I broke down, but hearing the girls talking about the things they loved, the people they loved, it cut deep.  There was no one left that I really cared about.  Having practically sold my soul to the Dark Lord, there was no way out for me, no light at the end of the tunnel; I was given the task of assassinating a professor that I held close to my heart.  A man who accepted me, accepted my family, our past.  I was expected to be with a girl that I would never love, and I hadn't had a truly intellectual conversation in weeks.  Between Pansy and the two dingbats that followed me around all day, there was no one I could turn to, no one I could truly call a "friend".  Was there someone out there that could care for me, no matter what?  Was there someone to save me from this hell that I was inevitably going to face?


"Malfoy," spoke a quiet voice.  Craning my neck to the left, I caught sight of Granger, looking down on me, studying my actions.  "Were you-"


"What the hell do you want?" I spat.


Adjusting her composure, Hermione stood tall and pursed her lips.


"Professor Slughorn ran into the corridor to inform us that we are to write an essay on Amor-" she trailed off.  "Here," she said, throwing the assignment at me, turned on her heel, and walked off.  As I scrambled to my stand, I tripped over my own feet.  After managing to regain my balance, I grabbed her wrist and spun her back to face me.  Before the words could escape my mouth, her wand was to my neck.


"What, Malfoy?" she said, firmly.


"I wished to thank you," I said, confused at my own action.  Batting her wand away with my hand, I watched as her expression softened and she tilted her head to the side.  "But, I figure it would be wasted on you," returning to my usual tone.  Hermione's face twisted, but she turned away once more, deciding not to engage.  'I'm sorry', I thought.  But, those were two words that I could never manage.  Running to the common room, I made my best attempt to travel up the steps quickly.  I was stopped by the sickly sweet voice that I would be doomed to endure for the rest of my life.  


"Draco?" Pansy attempted to pull me back.


"Stay away from me," I said, not turning back again, for fear of bursting into tears.

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