Lost in the Motions

Alex is having trouble transitioning to her new life in Oregon. New school, new people, new house, new everything...once she finally starts getting the hang of everything Jace moves next door and he changes everything...


1. Moving

   If you were to tell me a month ago we would be moving to Oregon I would've laughed and moved on with whatever I was doing. Right now I'm packing my stuff into a moving truck, so I guess you would've been correct. I didn't think I would ever move out of Florida, my small town had been home to me ever since I was born, that's fourteen years of life. My mom told me everything would be fine, but how can everything be fine, my friends are here, I'm going to miss a game I promised my best friend I would go to. Not to mention my awkwardness, who knows what I'd do at my new school, if I'd even make friends.

   I grabbed the last box out of my room and took it to the front porch where my dad and some guys from my church were lifting them onto the truck. The only thing I won't miss is the creepy kid who tries to kiss me every time we are left alone, Xander. He was about 5'7, had jet black hair and thick rimmed glasses that didn't look good on him at all. He came with his aunt to help us pack but I banished him to the kitchen after he wouldn't stop starring into my empty room. I walked into our sun room, which wasn't so sunny at the moment and sat next to my best friend who was shredding documents and watching Doctor Who. I grabbed a stack of paper and started helping since I had nothing else to do.

   "What will I do without you? We've seen each other everyday since we met three years ago." She said stuffing another paper into the machine.

   "I have no idea..." I said. I grabbed the remote and turned up the volume so the TV was louder than the shredder. By the time we were done it was two in the morning and we were almost done with a whole season, we would've finished if they hadn't robbed us of our TV. Everyone else left around midnight once everything was packed. My best friend was asleep on the couch and I was dozing off myself. I finished shredding the rest of the papers and laid down on the one thing we were leaving in the house.

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