such is the fate of heroes;

"Tell me not of Helen of Troy, the woman whose beauty caused cities to burn at her feet. Tell me of Helen of Sparta, the one, true victim in a war of victims. For she was made the sinner when the devil walked free." The war of Troy, told through the eyes of its victim. | Winner of the Classics category in the Battle of the Fandoms


1. introduction;


such is the fate of heroes;
can be read without any knowledge of the Greek
mythology or the Iliad, especially - but of course,
this would make the reading experience less confusing

Note: there has been made small edits to the story of the Iliad, so I could tell the story I wanted to tell


Peleïden - son of Peleus
Atreïden - son of Atreus
Priaïden - son of Priam


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