StepBrother// MC

Ali's Parents have been Divorced since she was 6
So have her worst enemies Parents Michael
What happens when ali's mum and michaels dad have been seeing each other for over 2 years without them knowing and now there getting married?


1. Chapter One

Alis POV





I groan and turn off the alarm which states the time is 6.30am monday the 11th of september... Great school 

I drag myself from my cosy bed and slowly walk to the bathroom to start getting ready, I quickly have a shower, dry my hair and put on my ugly school clothes which is a school tie, shirt, skirt and leggings with black shoes then do my makeup. After I slowly walk down stairs to be greeted by my mum 

"Morning hun" she says sweetly 

 "Morning mum" i reply while getting the pop tarts out of the pantry

"Ali at 6pm today I have a friend coming over for tea" she says 

"okay, so im guessing you want me to dress nicely?" I ask because every time my mum has someone over she asks me to dress nicely

"Yes honey because I'm introducing you to someone tonight" 

"MUM HAVE YOU FOUND A BOYFRIEND?" my mums been a single parent since i was 6 

"Yeah" she says slightly blushing

"YEY" I scream and hug her 

"well I've got to go now because I'm meeting alice at the bus stop" as i pull away 

"okay Ali have a good day!" she says happily 

"okay bye mum love you" I say as i reach the door 

"Love you too hun" she shouts just before i open the door

As Im walking to the bus stop alice texts me


Alice: Hey you left yet I'm almost there?

Me:Yeah and I have news!

Alice:Okay can't wait to hear it! 



When i reach the bus stop Alice is standing there and a run up to her and shout 








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