Shauyan Academy: Secrets of the Diamond

Ten teenagers caught between secrets and wars.
Go to a fighting academy to learn, fight and also for safety.
Gangs battle it out to the top only to find something bigger than their desires.

My CO Author @Taimarie4


1. Saved in Time

Xenadi Akumi Chen was walking  down an alley when she felt as though she was being followed. When she turned around there was no one there. She turned back around and kept walking, but when she kept walking she came up in a corner and a guy jumped out of the nowhere and was wearing a mask. She couldn't quite tell who he was but he carried a knife with him and tried to attack her with it. Xenadi was scared and didn't  know what to do. The guy that was masked came closer to her and cut through her bag she held in her hands. "Where's the box?" he asked. "I don't know what you're talking about," Xenadi said. The guy thought she was lying and scratched her with the knife. "I ain't going to say it again, where is it?" he asked. "I don't know!" she screamed. Before he could've cut her again he pressed the knife to her neck but, something extremely cool happened someone attacked the masked man from behind, and he dropped the knife.


The person looked like a chick but she was too fast that she looked like a blur. The guy got scared and escaped before she could catch up to him. The girl with long red hair helped her up. Xenadi stared at her, I'm Misuki, the girl told her. Before she could tell her about the Acamedy, Misuki grabbed her arm and told her to go with her. But Xenadi let go and told her that she wasn't going anywhere she needed to see if her father was alright. But Misuki did not listen and pulled her with her. "Hey didn't you listen I said I need to go see my father!" Xenadi screamed. Xenadi then stood quiet and left but Misuki followed. When Xenadi got to her house her father was laying on the floor bleeding and Xenadi ran over to him. And next to him laid a threatening note. Misuki saw and knew right then what was best for her is Shauyan Acamedy.  

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