Chasing after you is like a fairytale (Phan)


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Dan looks at his alarm clock next to his bed 5:30 it reads, which means Phil will be home soon. He groans and pushes the blankets away, all of the warmth that was once surrounding him is soon replaced with cold. He exits his room and goes straight for the kitchen. He starts the kettle then proceeds to reach two mugs from the cupboard. Niagara Falls for Phil and Pokeball for himself. He smiles to himself at the thought of Pokemon, he and Phil had just filmed a video about two weeks ago of them playing Pokemon GO for the first time, and boy was it an adventure. Phil hadn't taken Dan's outfit seriously but when Phil got home he was going to be even more surprised.

He heard some footsteps coming up the stairs and Dan couldn't help but to smile to himself. He missed Phil, as he had been gone for a week with his family on vacation. Dan was invited to go along, but didn't want to intervene with Phil's family trip. Plus, he was fine with staying by himself for a few days. Phil enters the kitchen with a huff. "Hey daydreamer, a little help with my bags?" He grins. Dan instantly turns to face him, smile widening. Phil smiles larger as well and they both go in for a hug and a quick peck to the lips. "Yeah, yeah. How was the trip?" Dan asks, while taking a large bag from Phil and heading to Phil's room, Phil trailing behind. "Was really fun," Dan could almost hear Phil's smile, "I brought you something back from Australia!" Dan tried to hold in his laughter, but couldn't help it. He burst out laughing at Phil's excitement. Phil sighs in response "What is it?" He questions Dan. "You," some more giggles, "you seem so excited that you bought me a present," Dan responds. He lets Phil's bags fall with a thump

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