Can't control it. I have it.

When you can read minds, you have power over people. But not knowing how to control it, is another story.
Reading minds at the wrong moment can ruin relationships, but you can't help it. You just can't control it.

Yvonne is not ready to learn about everyone's lives just yet, she just made the gossip column in RichWood High school newspaper. Will she spill?

Jessica, also can read minds, but just made the cheerleader squad. Will they kick her out or would she lead?

Lewis is an outsider, becoming an inner circle mate. Will he become popular?


1. Yvonne

Yvonne didn't know what to expect, when she got accepted for the newspaper gang and for the gossip column! She didn't tell anyone her secret, not even Mary. She can read minds.

She might have to use her power to get gossip.

But why the gossip column, everyone will hate me. I might hurt someone's feelings

"Congrats! Yvonne!" Mary came running over, panting out the words. Out the glimpse of her eyes,Yvonne could see, Jessica and the cheerleaders staring at them, some whispering. Then a searing pain shot through Yvonne's veins to her head.

Not again. She didn't want to read someone's thoughts,right now. Especially, when they will be the cheerleader's thoughts.

Why the heck is she panting so heavily. Ugh! Loser!

I wish I wasn't a cheerleader, but I know If I wasn't, they will pick on me.

I just got accepted to the cheerleading squad!!! Whoopie!

It was hard to know, which thought was which, when they were in groups. Yvonne thought hard, but can only identify one of the thoughts, Jessica just got accepted so the last one was hers.

They started walking in their direction, Yvonne panicked, Mary didn't see them coming. They somehow marched towards them in union. You could see everyone edging towards their lockers to get out their way, fear in their eyes.

Yvonne had to think quick or they would get humiliated in front of everyone to see. But she froze to the spot.

The cheerleaders were a metre away and it was to late to move, the leader started to talk.   

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