Ciel x Sebastian FanFic

This is a short FanFic of Ciel and Sebastian that we all knew would happen!

^~^ Getting a good start with Movellas, can't wait to have more time and progress!



1. How it happened

"My lord, it's time for bed." I told my master as he sat on the bed waiting for me to undress him. Lord Phantomhive was never one to show emotion but right now he looked fairly annoyed. I walked over and began to unbutton his green coat, pulling it off and tossing it on the bed.

"Sebastian, have you taken care of Lizzy?" Ciel said with a raspy voice. I was the best butler, how would I forget something so easy?

"Of course, your highness." I started to unbutton his shirt, as he jumped.

"That hurts." He said with pain in his side. I was concerned, what happened to my master? "What happened, my lord?" I pulled off his shirt gently revealing a bruise that almost covered his whole rib cage. This person deserves revenge, no one hurts him.

"It's nothing, Alois and I just got into an argument is all", he stated. Alois? Ciel's worst enemy? I didn't know what to say, I've never had to think so hard about speaking to my master. So I stayed silent, undoing his pants.

"Alois and I are over now, I kept it from you because I know how you feel about me, Sebastian." I'm not sure how to feel, I love Ciel but is it wrong? Of course it is, he's 13!

"Uhm, I'm not sure what to say your highness." I said quietly. I've never been this awkward before. Ciel was still undressed with only his briefs on, I froze.

"What's wrong Sebastian, you like what you see?" Ciel asked with a smirk.

"I-I uhh.." I couldn't find any words to say. Ciel grabbed me by the collar of my jacket and pulled me in towards him, he kissed me roughly and made his way to my ear.

"I want you Sebastian, take off your clothes." He said in demanding tone. I took off my jacket and shirt, he had a large grin across his face. He laid down on the bed, as I crawled on top of him. He undid my pants and pulled them down revealing my Calvin Kline. He kissed me again, letting a chill travel down my spine.

"Do what you would like, Sebastian. That's an order."

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