3 Good Things

This is my 3 Good Things Gratitude Diary that I'll be writing on Movellas for the month of May.


1. Tuesday 26th April 2016

Today is a good day. This is what I am grateful for and why:


1 - I'm grateful for having the opportunity to visit Westfield Primary School in Berkhamsted today and to watch Adrian Bethune with his Year 4 class. I was so impressed with how happy they all seemed to be. I was greeted with big smiley faces and it was lovely to see them answer the register with a positive thought for the day. It generated goosebumps and a whole heap of positive emotions.


2 - I'm grateful for eating a really tasty curry with my housemate. We went to Goa together in January this year and it brought back lovely memories. I felt a huge amount of connection.


3 - I'm grateful for having the opportunity to go to the University of East London to find out more about further academic study in psychology. It's important to me to keep learning and to keep expanding my knowledge and last night was a small step on the path of achieving a goal that I have set for myself.

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