Football Love

It's about a girl who is the first at her high school to play football. She has tried her best and has made it to the top. She is on the Varsity team and a good friend of her's is also on the team and he is the quarterback and she is the running back and front line. She likes him but what she doesn't know it that he likes her. His name is Ashton and her name is Ariana stone she goes by Ari she loves sports.


1. The First move

Hi my name is ariana but my friends call me ari. I play football and that's where i met my boyfriend ashton before that i didn’t know he liked me. One night after the game i went and unlocked my locker room and left it unlocked but didn’t know that ashton was going to - Wait hold on a minute i forgot to tell you what happened before that we were having team meal and i had been sitting by myself when he came to the table and asked

“ you alright ari”

“yeah i’m fine”

He looked at me then said

“i know something is wrong what is it”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now maybe later”

“then promise me you’ll tell me later”

“I promise to tell you later”

Now let's go back to the game. We had won our game 42-0 against Zeeland West as i went to get to my locker room it was unlocked i then went inside and got out of my uniform and back into my shorts and t-shirt and then someone had there hands over my eyes

“Guess who”

“not funny ashton”

“How did you know it was me”

“by your voice”

Then he removed his hands and when i turned around i saw he had no shirt on

“You're not supposed to be in here”

“You promised me you’d tell me what was up”

“Not in here. Now go i’ll be out soon”

I watched him leave the room and then I left shortly after and when I got out the door he grabbed my hand

“Now what seems to be the matter”

“My dad was shot and he’s in the hospital and my mom is out of town and my brother hasn’t been home he’s been at college and hasn’t visited”

He hugged me and I started crying I was upset I had no one to talk to and I was scared I thought I might be losing my family and my mind. He took my face in his hand so I was looking into his eyes and he said to me

“I will stay by you no matter what happens”

He kissed my forehead. I felt safe and loved I looked at him

“I’m going to the Hospital if you want to join me I need someone there with me incase I lose it”

“Sure I would love to”

We left and went to the hospital we went to my dad’s room and he was wide awake

“Hey dad”

“Hey sweetheart how was the game”

“It was good we won 42 to nothing”


He looked at Ashton and asked me to leave the room so I did and as I left I had shut the door

Ashton’s P.O.V

I looked at her father scared of what he might say

“I need you to protect her Ashton”

“I don’t understand”

“If I ever die I want someone like you to take care of her she’s been growing up too fast losing me will hurt her if someone isn’t with her”

“So you want me to protect her”

“Yes now let her in so i can tell her good-night”

I had let her in and they said their goodbyes and I took her home by the time I got her home she was out cold so I carried her inside and laid her on her bed and stayed there all night after texting my mom what happened and where I would be.

End Ashton’s P.O.V

When I woke up in the morning I smelled bacon and eggs when I got down stairs I saw Ashton and was a bit confused

“Did you stay here all night”

“Yeah but my mom already knows I told her what your dad told me and she said it was fine”

“Oh Ok”

I was happy because that meant I could tell him how I felt without people bugging me or him

“So I was told what you like so I made it”-thinking to myself-”oh how I want to tell her”

I watched as he put our plates on the table and I started eating and so did he when I finished I put my plate in the sink and when I turned around he was right behind me  and I jumped a little scared i watched him put his plate in the sink then felt his arms on my waist

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time”

He leaned in to kiss me and we kissed I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss then we both pulled back then i said

“I’m glad you did that"


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