"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


1. "Start a Friday"

Second Person POV


"Young love, close the chapter, there's no ever after. Fell fast, ended faster yeah..." Your alarm on your phone played. You turned over and hit "ok" for it to stop playing. You grabbed your phone and went straight to snapchat. You swiped the screen to the "stories" page and scrolled down until you saw the "wearefivesos" story. Excitement already bubbling up inside you, you tapped it and watched Ashton's little videos that you adored. Even though no one was looking, you felt yourself tearing up already and sat up to fan your face. You almost dropped your phone when Castaway began to play again, as you realized you actually hit snooze.

"Y/N! Get down here already or you're walking! God knows how hard that'll be for you!" Your brother called from downstairs. You rolled your eyes.

"Okay okay chill!" You screamed back. "I'm coming!"

You got out of your bed and began to get ready for school, which your brother wakes up early to do so you're always being rushed by him. You did everything you usually did, and got dressed.

"Jesus Christ, are you done yet!?" He yelled.

"Shut up! Some of us care about how we look!" You fired back.

"Yeah well don't bother- with the body that you've been cursed with, no one will even want to look at you, ya freakin' hippo!"

Anger boiled inside you, as usual. "Why couldn't I have been an only child?" You mumble to yourself. He did this every day, it was the main reason you tried so hard to look good. You stared into your full-length mirror. It seemed as if the longer you looked, the fatter and uglier you got. Your thighs seemed to expand, your pimples seemed to grow redder, and you seemed to be getting a muffin-top, something you've dreaded forever. You sighed as you stepped closer to the mirror and put in your colored contacts. You originally had brown eyes, but your brother, along with a few more people, said that your eyes were "literally crap-colored". You liked your new grey contacts anyway, you thought they looked so much more punk rock on you. You took one last look in the mirror, just to see that broken girl one last time, then plastered a smile and walked out of your bedroom door.

"Hey" you mumbled as you saw your brother eating Cocoa Puffs.

"'Bout time," he said, "I thought you got stuck in the doorway, or maybe fell and couldn't get up or something."

"Just a little ray of sunshine" you say as you thump his forehead and grab a protein bar that said it would make you lose weight.

"Since you're finally out, get in the car. We gots to go" he stood up and poured the rest of his cereal down the sink.

"Do you think you could ever finish your food? Who do you think mum makes clean the sink after school?" You pointed to yourself.

"Who do you think gives a crap?" Your brother snapped. "Get in before I make you walk"

"You say that every time," you said, grabbing your backpack and heading out the door. He shook his head.

"Okay, I'm done. That's it. You're walking, have fun. Bye." And with that, he ran to his car and drove off, leaving you behind.

"Oh I am so telling dad about this!" You yelled, he clearly couldn't hear you. "What a perfect way to start a Friday" you rolled your eyes. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and texted your best friend, Kailin.

Y/N_Irwin: hey can u pick me up

She texted back almost immediately.

KaiKai: wuz it ur bro again

Y/N_Irwin: u know me so well

KaiKai: b there in 5

Within five minutes, Kailin made it to your house. She waved for you to come in. As you buckled up, she began to drive.

"I still can't believe you don't have a car" she laughed.

"What can I say? Strict parents, stupid rules" You shrug.

"More like stupid brother"

"Oh my Lucifer," you laughed and rolled down the window, you've always loved wind on your face.

"We can always adopt you, ya know" she elbowed you in the side.

"If only" you put the back of your hand up to your forehead and sighed dramatically. You immediately put it back down and turned to Kailin. "Oh my Lucifer I just remembered"

"What?" Kailin asked, not taking her eyes off the road.

"I got the tickets!" You pulled 2 meet-and-greet tickets to the concert you've been waiting for since last summer.

"Oh my god! Now I'll defs get to see Michael!" She squealed.

"You Michael girls are so weird. Freaking out every time, what, he dyes his hair?" you laughed and rolled your eyes.

"What about you, Mrs. Y/N Irwin? There's tons of you Ashton girls out there. 'Oh daddy daddy hi daddy daddy OMG Ashton is daddy'" she mocked Ashton girls. You glared at her. "What? You started it. You can't diss Michael, Y/N, he's perfect" Kailin sighed.

"If he's so perfect, why do most people agree he's the ugliest member of 5sos? And what's up with that whole 'mental health' thing going on with him?"

"OH MY GOD YOu know I can make you walk too"

"I could use the exercise anyway..." You said under your breath, but she still heard you.

"Are you still obsessed with losing weight? You're fine, you're not fat, okay? Look at me, I'm like 96 pounds over here"

"I weigh at least 50 more pounds than that" you rested your head in your right hand.

"You're not fat. The girls like me are just twigs, okay? Heck, we look anorexic. I actually should go to a Nando's or something after school today"

You shifted your weight in your seat as you pulled down your sleeves even farther than they already were. You placed you hands, palms down, in your lap. Kailin looked at you. You looked at her, confused. She just shook her head and turned a corner. You were finally at school, and you both walked out.

You walked into the cafeteria and felt sad at the smell of a bakery. Donuts. Every Friday your school has donuts for breakfast and you desperately wanted some, but your self-conscious made you stay put every time. As Kailin grabbed her donut from the line, you took a seat at one of the benches. You looked around for anyone you knew. You smiled when a familiar boy came up to you.

"Hey, y/n" he sat by you, and you scooted over to give him more room.

"Hey Jay. What's up?" Jay was your best guy friend for a while now, about 4 years. Everybody had shipped you guys, but you didn't take any action. You both hated peer pressure.

"Nothing much, why aren't you getting a donut?" He pointed at Kailin.

"Same reason as every Friday, I guess" you looked down.

"Is your brother still buggin' you? Cos I'll beat him. Gray style." He put his fist in the middle of his other open-palmed hand. "Ice make, Society Sheild" he laughed.

"You're an idiot" You pushed him lightly on the shoulder.

"Gee, thanks, ERZA" he pushed back.

"Okay, I am not Erza!" You crossed your arms.

"Well, you're definitely not Mirajane, and you don't seem like Lucy..."

"Fine, I'm Erza. But only cos she's the most punk person out of all of Fairy Tail. With exception of like 13-year old Mirajane."

"What'd I miss?" Kailin asked as she sat down in front of you.

"Stupid banter on who y/n is" Jay said.

"You started it, 'Gray'" you announced, making sure Kailin knew.

"Whatever, just go get a donut, fatty" Jay laughed.

"How rude!" You put your hand on your hips but couldn't hide your smile. You laughed and walked away. This is a much better way to start a Friday, you smiled to yourself.

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