The Salvatore Sister

(written for the vampire diaries fanfiction competition)

What if the Salvatore brothers had a sister but they didn't know she was still alive? She doesn't know if they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other and talk about their life stories? What would happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sister has fallen in love with and what she has become?


2. Welcome to Mystic Falls

Hi Guys! Sadly everything I wrote last time magically disappeared so I wrote this whole chapter all over again. This chapter is super short but I didn't want to keep you guys waiting. My friend Marissa helped me a lot with the book so I want to thank her. Please comment your ideas and thoughts. Hope you guys like it!


Alexandra's POV

''Welcome to Mystic Falls'' the sign said as I drove by and I started remembering memories. Finally, came to town. Obviously, the place changed a lot since I've last been here, which was in 1864. I decided to stop by a place to get lunch. I parked by a place called 'Mystic Grill '. I got off my car looking through the town. I really miss this place. I took off my sunglasses and stepped inside.

"Seat for one ?" A cute blond waiter said. "Yes, thanks...Matt" I read his name tag. I also flashed a flirty smile. 


He smiled and lead me to a nice booth with a view of the bar and the pool table where teenagers we're playing. Typical.

"What would you like?" He asked taking out his pencil and paper to write down my order.

"Coke and fries, please." He nodded writing it down and leaving to get my order. After he left, I started thinking;


Mystic Falls was my home once. Although I had some good memories here, I had bad ones too. That's why I never came back here. I was scared and afraid to lose control because of my bad memories. I was just a coward. When I look back, I don't even know who that girl was. I am strong now and I am more mature to understand what actually happened that night. Katherine caused the death of my brothers and I'm gonna get my revenge.


"Here you go." Matt said interrupting me in my thoughts while he placing my drink on the table. " Are you new to town?"


"No, but actually, yes. I am new here but I was born here. I didn't come back here for a while but I guess this is the big day." I said, trying to smile. 


"Well, you are welcome to Mystic Falls then. If you want to ask something about Mystic Falls, feel free to ask. I've been here my entire life." He said exaggerating in a funny way.

I giggled and said, "Don't worry, I'll ask if I have questions." 


"You'll find me here then." He smiled one last time and left.


After he left, I started eating my fries. Don't judge, I love fries!


When I was finally done, I asked Matt for the check and left the Grill. I put my sunglasses back on and instead of going in my car, I walked around for a while.


After walking around, I decided to go to my car and then to the Salvatore Estate, but when I turned around the corner, I crashed into someone and I fell down. As she started apologizing and trying to help me up. I looked at her face and realized she was my biggest enemy. There stood her, after all these years;




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