Nowhere to Call Home

Evelyn Johnson's world is falling to pieces, but she still has to stay strong. She has lost her family, her faction, and her friends. Can she still survive and stay strong alone in the world?
<for the Insurgent/Allegiant comp>


2. The Beginning of the End

    I sat in the hard metal seat, next to the rest of the Dauntless.  The girl sitting next to me tapped me on the shoulder.  "Hey.  I'm Adeline." she whispered, her face lit up in a bright smile.  I transferred from Amity."  She looked around and lowered her voice a little more.  "I admire you for picking Dauntless.  Being the first Abnegation in years, I mean that takes courage.  I could never do that.  That shows courage.  No matter what people say, you really were born to be a Dauntless." she finished, slightly out of breath.  I eyed her carefully.  She was a small girl, with short brown curls and bright eyes.  I felt an urge to protect her.  Why did she choose Dauntless?  She could get hurt or even worse...
    I turned to her.  "Adeline, I'm Evelyn.  Why did you choose Dauntless?  I mean you were in Amity, right?  I have always wanted to see how life was like there."  I smiled shyly at her.  "Sorry I'm asking too many questions.  It's just my sister, Eliza, transferred there."  
    Adeline shook her head.  "Your sister transferred there?  Ugh.  They feed you bread and water that has something in it.  You know like a drug.  To make you peaceful.  All the time.  That's why hardly any Amity change into Dauntless."  Adeline eyed the look of alarm on my face.  "I don't think it's harmful, Evelyn.  Your sister will be fine.  It's not that bad." she said putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.
    "Then, why did you choose Dauntless?  Or how?" I asked, repeating the earlier question.         "Well, my test result was...well not Dauntless.  And for the bread and water. it just didn't  affect me.  I was like immune or something.  I chose Dauntless cause I thought I was brave and courageous.  You know, we'll see about that right?" she said and laughed.
        I laughed too.  But then I saw my parents' faces in the crowd.  My father looked furious and my mother was disappointed.  I could tell from the way she wrung her hands and was frowning.  What they felt didn't matter.  I had a new life and new friends.  I got up and followed the other initiates out the door.  We broke into a run immediately and I felt free.  I yanked at the hair tie in my hair and it fell, my long hair flying out from behind me.  
        Suddenly, Adeline grabbed my hand.  "We have to stay together.  You have to promise." I saw fear in her blue eyes as she squeezed if tighter.  "Promise."
        "I promise.  You are one of the best friends I have ever had." I told her.  
        Her face lit up like a thousand stars shining in the night.  "Thank you." she whispered.  
        Soon, we reached the the trains and I saw the Dauntless borns jumping onto the trains, swinging themselves onto the carts and laughing.  Was it really that easy?  
        A girl clothed in all black, with a purple streak running through her hair, came up to Adeline and me.  "First Abnegation to transfer?  Wouldn't want you to fall off the train, now do we?" she said smirking.  "Here let me help you."  
        I was about to protest when she grabbed my hand and started running towards the train.  "No!  I can't leave Adeline!" I yelled.  
        The girl rolled her eyes.  "Gosh, how sweet.  Don't want to leave your friend behind.  Poor you." she simpered.  "Well, you want to know something?  Take a reality check!  In Dauntless, we don't have friends."  she let out a loud laugh.
        I felt myself being pushed forward by the girl and a bunch of other Dauntless.  Scanning the crowd of black, I saw a flash of red, darting through the people.  It was Adeline.  She made her way to me and grabbed my arm.  I put a hand on her small shoulder, hoping that it she we wouldn't be separated.
        "We're almost to the train!" Adeline yelled over the noise.  We have to jump!" 
        Grabbing each other's hand, as tightly as we could, we broke into a run.  Then, I jumped.  My feet left the ground, hovering over the wide gap between the train and the platform.  I felt my body crash into the hard wooden floor of the train.  I took a deep breath.  I was alive and Adeline was right next to me.  I had made it.  
        "We did it!" Adeline hollered with excitement. She laughed, jumping up and down,many hugging me tightly.  I returned the smile and pulled her closer.
        Suddenly, a voice broke us apart.  "How sweet," I heard the voice say patronizingly. "They're hugging."  It was the girl with the purple hair and her friends.  
        "I just wanted to remind you.  There's a reason no Abnegations switch into Dauntless." a girl with pixie cut said. She smirked.
        "Yeah, just like Chelsea said.  We don't want any Stiffs in here."  The girl with purple hair walked closer to me.  "You should leave or get lost.  I can help you do that."  I knew that I should run or kick her or anything to defend myself.  But I stood there, frozen.
        I never expected her to throw me off.  I thought she would just punch me or something.  Then, I felt her strong arms wrap around my body.  "Goodbye little Abnegation. See you never." she hissed into my ear.  
        That's when I felt myself falling.  The train got smaller and smaller.  And the last thing I saw was Adeline's horrified face.  "EVELYN!" she yelled, her voice shaking and tears streaming down her face.
In that moment, I knew three things for certain.  One, I had broken my promise to Adeline.  Two, the life I had imagined was gone.  Three, I was about to die. 


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