Nowhere to Call Home

Evelyn Johnson's world is falling to pieces, but she still has to stay strong. She has lost her family, her faction, and her friends. Can she still survive and stay strong alone in the world?
<for the Insurgent/Allegiant comp>


1. A Day to Choose

 I slowly sit up in bed, the events of the previous day coming back to me in a flash.  The Aptitude Test.  The pale face of my administrator when she told me my result.  I didn't belong anywhere.  I was Divergent.  
    It had always been a myth for me.  Divergence.  There were only a few.  They were labeled dangerous, hostile, and wild.  They were killed on the spot.  I should be dead right now.  I remember how the administrator, Tania, had whispered it.  Like even saying the name would get you killed.  It probably would.  She had sent me home after that, swearing me to secrecy.  Tania entered my result in as Abnegation.  It was the best she could do.  I knew she wouldn't tell, but I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities.  Someone could have been in the room.  Someone could have seen the results.  Tania could just let it "slip" out.  
    Before I could think of any more scenarios, my twin sister entered my room.  "Evelyn   Are you feeling better?  I know you had to go home early after the test. " she asked.
    "I am fine now.  Thanks for asking."  
    "That's great!" Eliza said excitedly.  She looked expectantly at me.
    "Well Liza, I'm sure you didn't come in here just to ask me how I'm feeling.  Did you come in here for a special something?" I said, trying not to smile.
    "Aww Evie.  You know exactly what is.  Don't be that way.  Today is the last day we get to do it." she groaned.
    "Our last time?" I said, freezing.  
    "Yeah.  Even if we both choose Abnegation again.  We won't be together.  It'll be different." Eliza said, her voice taking on a low and sad tone.
    Then, it hit me.  No more pillow fights on weekends.  No more staying up late and talking.  No one to tell my secrets too.  We would never again be able to sneak up to the balcony of our house at night and watch the stars.  I would never get to nudge her during school and whisper an inside jokes.  I wouldn't even get to see her again.
    Slowly, I pulled the gold rimmed mirror out from under my bed, careful not to make any noise.  Abnegations were not allowed to have mirrors.  I had found this one lying in the street, when I was helping to clean up the city.  I had hidden it under my bed and only showed it to my sister.  We only used it on special occasions, but I guess this counted as one.  
    Eliza face lit up and she squealed with excitement. "Quiet.  We don't want to wake them up." I hissed.  She immediately went silent.  I felt the silence, heavy with tension.     I loosened my hair from the tight bun, and let it fall past my shoulders.  
    Eliza reached out a hand and stroked my hair.  "Evie, it's beautiful." she said.  
    I stared at my hair in the mirror.  The light brown hair with a hint of blonde looked like straw.  Dull, boring, and certainly not beautiful.  Not beautiful at all.
    "Eliza, let's see yours." I told my sister earnestly.  I envied her chocolate brown hair and deep eyes that could pull you in and hold you there.  She was like a perfect princess and I was like the maid in the background.  
    Shaking me from my thoughts, Eliza tapped me on the shoulder, eyes bright with excitement.  "Can I braid it?  Yours is so long."  I nodded, smiling as she took her place behind me and started to braid.
    Sometimes, Eliza didn't seem like a sixteen year old girl ready for her Choosing Ceremony.  There was still a child in her.  I could tell from the way she always laughed and smiled.  She still had the light in her eyes, the hope in her words, and the spring in her step.  I envied her for that too.
    "What are you going to pick?  What faction?" I heard Eliza ask, as she coiled my newly braided hair into a bun.
    I wanted to tell her.  I wanted to tell her that I was Divergent.  That I could be in three different factions.  How could I tell her that I wasn't normal?  Would she believe me when I said I was in Dauntless, Abnegation, and Amity?  
    Putting on a fake smile and hoping that she would not be able to tell that anything was wrong, I turned to Eliza.  "You'll find out at the Choosing Ceremony." I told her, trying to keep a smile on my face.  
    Eliza's face went pale and she looked down.  "Evelyn?  Don't tell me if you don't want to.  You only need to promise me one thing.  Please don't pick Dauntless.  I can't stand the image of you jumping off trains and...well...falling off.  I can't lose you."  She looked up again and I saw fresh tears in her eyes.  "Do you promise?" she asked again, holding out her pinky in the way we used to do when we were kids.  
    "I promise." I said, linking my pinky with hers and hoping that I could actually keep it.  
    "Do you want me to braid yours?" I asked her.  
    "No.  I'm fine.  I think I'm going to go get ready now.  It's almost time." Eliza said, her voice different and colder.  The light in her eyes was gone.  It was like she knew that it was all over now.  
    I walked to my closet and picked up my favorite gray dress with lace at the sleeves.  Looking in the mirror for one last time, I dabbed on a little bit of lip gloss.  Before I could slide both the lip gloss and mirror under my mattress again, I heard my mother knock on my door.  "Evelyn?  Can I come in?"    I quickly shoved the mirror and the gloss under my mattress and stood in front of the bed, so it wouldn't be seen.
    She walked in and smiled at me.  "Hey mom.  I just finished getting ready." I told her, hoping my voice wasn't shaking.  
    "You look beautiful, my darling." she said, hugging me for a second.  "Remember whatever choice you make today, I will respect you for that."  
    "Thanks mom," I said, feeling a little guilty for hiding the mirror.
    "Go get your sister.  We don't want to be late." my mother said, with a little smile and a nod.  
    I knocked carefully on Eliza's door.  "You ready to go, Liza?  We don't want to be late."
    Eliza opened the door and slowly stepped out.  She looked gorgeous even in her plain gray dress.  Her hair was up in a elaborate braided twist with a strand framing her face.  I reached out to tuck the strand of hair behind her ear, but she moved away.  "Thank you for telling me."  she said, and started to walk down the stairs.  I followed.
    We started to walk to The Hub, where the Choosing Ceremony was held.  Before I knew it, we were seated with the rest of the Abnegation initiates.  I didn't pay attention to the speech that was given before or even when the first names were called.  I could only hear the cheers of each faction.
    Suddenly my sister, who was sitting next to me, squeezed my hand tightly.  "I love you Evelyn.  Stay strong.  One day, I will find you.  I'm going to miss you." she whispered.  Then, I heard her name called and before I even had a chance to say goodbye.  Looking up I saw her walk down to the five bowls.  She cut her finger with the knife and without even hesitating once, held her dripping finger over the dark soil of Amity.  There was a loud cheer from Amity, as my sister walked over, smiling brightly.  I should have known.  She would fit in there.  
    "Evelyn Johnson."  I heard the announcer call.  I took a deep breath and stood up.  As I walked down the stairs, I felt like very thing was in slow motion.  I was handed the knife and I cut my finger on it.  The bowls seemed to be mocking me as I stood there, frozen.  I could pick Amity and be with my sister, but I wasn't peaceful.  I wasn't selfless.  Was I brave?  I stared at the hot coals of Dauntless and remembered my sister's words.  
    "I'm sorry Liza." I whispered and held my finger over the hot coals.  There was silence.  No one cheered.  No one said a word. I was the only Abnegation that had changed into Dauntless.  That's when I realized I would never blend in.  Suddenly, I heard my sister.  Her voice rang out clear and loud.   "Why Evelyn?  You have to go!  Don't do this!  You're not like the rest of them!" she yelled out, before another of her new faction members stopped her.


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