Help Out the new kid

Harry is the new kid. Alexis is the helper.
Harry has to spend all his school year wth Alexis Connor.
Does she fall in love? Do they feel the same way about each other? Are the band mates ok with this? Does Harrys tour change everything?


1. Meeting Harry

Lexi's POV


I sat at my desk in science and pulled out my notebook from my bag.


the announcement bell rang and my head shot up, hitting the desk ontop.

"Haha" everyone laughed and I sighed.

"ALEXIS CONNOR PLEASE COME TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE IMMEDIATLY" the principals voice said on the loudspeaker. I got up and straightened my dress, walking out.

I reached the office and walked in. I sat on the waiting chair and played with my hands

Out of all days, I wore sweatpants and slides THIS DAY. The day the principal needed me to do something

"Alexis! COME in" the principal said. I went into her office to see a mop of curls. They weren't very curly, but they were curly.

He looked at me with his green eyes and smiled, dimples popping. He was wearing a white tank top with some type of flannel shirt and black tight skinny jeans and those god so familiar brown ankle boots. One part of his hair in the middle was slicked back and the rest were out.

"This is Harry Styles..." She said and I thought for a second


"One Direction." The principal finished. I smirked and looked over at him. His face was staring dead at the floor

"And why is he in Michigan's high school?" I asked .

"Alexis. Harry is on his break from touring, so he thought it would be good to come back to school for a while. Your schedules are the same, and I want you to stay with him all day." She said and I thought. It wouldn't be that bad...

"Alright. Fine" I said and he smiled at me happily

"You skip first period. You have to show him around and tell him all the rules. Also you guys need to get to know each other. You know what, you guys can leave school. Go to a cafe or something, whatever you kids do nowadays. But you HAVE to do something reasonable." She said and I raised a eyebrow

"Alright then. Nice to meet you Harry" I smiled. He smiled back but didn't say anything.

"Ok, let's go" I said and he got up.

We walked out of the office side by side and EVERYONE looked at us. 1st period is over. I looked at the paper the principal gave me with his locker and info and gave it to him

"Wanna run to your locker first or wanna go first?" I asked and everyone just stared.

"Anything you want to. I don't mind" he said and I decided it would be better to leave.. Because of everyone.

"Ok. Um let's go" I said, looking around and walking out of the school

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