The lost unicorn

When Isla wakes up she is all alone.
That is until she finds company and friendship in a unicorn far from home. Isla knows her mission. She must lead them both to a safer place and recover her memory in the process.


1. Lost

Screams pounded against my eardrums, lightning flashed before my eyes, the waves crashed against my body, pulling me down I tried to scream but my mouth was full of water. Then, my vision went black.  

I tasted salt against my lips. A light shone through my eyelids, and I jerked awake. For a moment all I saw was water and I began to thrash and scream, but I realised that the water barely came up to my ankles and embarrassed began to make my way to the golden sand.

I looked around sheepishly, hoping no one had seen my little panic attack, and saw that there was no one. In fact, I didn't recognise where I was. In fact I didn't seem to know anything. What did I look like? How old was I? Where did I come from? Straining my mind I could Remember  one thing... "My name is Isla" I said to the sand.

I saw a flicker in the trees, white and sparkling. I rushed over there, desperate for anyone who could tell me anything. But all I saw was a pair of white doves who flew off when I called to them. I couldn't stop a salty tear from finding its way down my cheek. It's official. I'm lost. 

Hello unicorn lovers!

im so happy you have taken the time to read my book.(-: 

love cats and unicorns xxx                 




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