His lost girl.

(Once Upon A Time Fanfiction)
Peter Pan's lost girl, every lost boy knows that she is his, and they know not to mess with her, but do they know her story? Do they know Pan's story?
You want to find out?
Read the story.


1. Meet Amelia


That's Amelia, she's "seventeen" years old, she first can to Neverland with her best friend Peter.

 Peter's father always hated Amelia, for no reason, and when he turned into the Dark one, he even threated to kill her!

Peter hated his father after that, so he tried so much to hide Amelia, and still walk with her to school, or other places.

Until one day Peter found magic beans, and left with Amelia to a place called Neverland, and ever since then they worked together to find lost boys, keep them on the island, and most importantly, find the chosen one. Henry Mills. 

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