The Great Gatsby - The Free Study Guide

This book will help you collect notes for "The Great Gatsby" and is completely Free!
This is at a SQA* Higher, but will be helpful to those studying Gatsby anyway.
I do hope you enjoy this book and will use it to your advantage.

Early Access has been enabled, so if you wish to have this, you can contact me and I will have it sent your way.

*SQA - Scottish Qualifications Authority


1. Introduction To The Study Guide

Welcome. This study guide will be updated every week with notes and Example Exam Answers that will help you with the Great Gatsby.

If you're in a panic or a hurry to finish some work and you can't find your notes, or just think that you will need some extra notes on characters, setting, theme etc., then favorite this book, have a quick read, and you will be served.

This is not designed to be correct, as these notes are written in my own wording, from notes my English teacher has handed me. The notes do seem to be correct though, so they may help you in your exams, tests, essays or whatever!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to drop them in the comments or ask me in a mumble... I am here to help you guys! 


KR :3


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