Michael the babysitter

Minas mum is gone for 5 months and Michael gets left to babysit....what happens when bad boy Babysitter Michael wants mins for his own…


1. Chapter 1

Minas P.O.V

"Mum are you actually being serious?"

My mum nodded....

"Mum you always have to go and work work work and I'm just like here!!!"

"Well you've got to get use to it for when your older!"

I mimicked her....

"Anyway,the boys 19 and he's *she made quotation marks with her fingers* *your type*, like those guys on your wall that have dyed their hair and stuff"

I face palmed myself....

"I'm not leaving you here by yourself remember what happened the last time" my mum pointed at me,


She shook her head

" first you had your music blaring through the street at 12'oclock in the morning, second you had a house party and it was just boys and like three of your friends, third you set the kitchen on fire and I had to get it all replaced I'm not leaving you on your own until your like 21!!"

I just sat down on the couch and turned the TV on....

"Okay we'll I'm leaving now, by the way the guys well boy? I dunno, he's called Michael so he'll be here within an hour or so"

I raised an eyebrow


"Bye, I love you"

I mumbled a mhmm.... And she left…

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