Story Time

Things may get weird....Just going to warn you guys....
Anywhosies....These are a whole bunch of stories i have created with my friends! Hope you enjoy


1. When Gary Met Herman: By Grace

Gary looks out at the lake, he is alone with no one to share his secrets with. He ponders the thoughts on his think rock. He sees a glimmer in the sand a few yards away, which was about a mile and a half in snail distance. He leaves on his journey at 6 in the morning and arrives at the glimmer around 12 in the afternoon...he stole a snail-mail truck to make his journey quicker...he saw a devastating scene ahead, a ladybug, hind legs squished so bad they looked like they would never recover. A resident light bug named Blaze was shining her light to attract the attention of other bugs. Gary drove his stolen vehicle to the scene and got out of the truck. He asked Blaze the name of the dying insect, Herman. Stay with me Gary sang to Herman, who was fading fast. Gary amputated Herman's legs to save Herman's life. Herman opened his eyes. He noticed he only had four legs. Where are my other legs Herman thought? Terrified he looked around, what happened he asked. Well this here man saved your life after a fried grass truck hit you. Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you? I've always wanted a friend Gary replied.

So they gave it a try. 3 years later Herman and Gary we the best of friends...until the accident happened. Gary and Herman were in their way the grass cream shop. Gary was messing around and fell in to the road. Herman saw the truck coming, the same truck that ran over him 3 years earlier, memories started flooding back but when he reached for Gary's shell to pull him out he was too late. The truck crushed his shell and all membranes in it. Herman screamed. He rolled Gary's remains onto a leaf and strapped the leaf to Gary's stolen snail mail truck. He managed to fix the shell but the death was to terrible to recover from. Herman, with the help of Blaze placed Gary carefully on the ground next to a headstone. Herman laid on a rock and didn't leave for days...Herman looks away from the sight of his dead bestie...he is mourning his loss and wondering what life would have been like if Gary was still alive...he is thinking he should jump but Gary is telling him not to in spirit....Herman goes closer to the edge and in a turn of events in thrown back in one swift movement, Herman looks ahead, he sees the glare of a force field, he gets and arrow and puts it in his bow...

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