In My World



1. The begining

It’s so annoying. Walking through the corridors with people bumping into you. Queuing up to your classroom and no one stands next to you or even talks to you. Feeling left out in groups. Picked last for PE.
My name is Abbey and I go to a secondary school. Which I hate, no one listens to me but my best friend Ben. We both meet after school every day and talk but he doesn’t go to the same school as me. Ben is 18 and I am 16. He has dark almost black hair and piercing blue eyes. His hair droops over his head and his hair is quite long. He says the only reason he does this is so if he sees his parents they won’t see him. Oh yeah I forgot to mention he is fostered, well actually he is technically not anymore as he can look after himself and you normally don’t need a foster carer when you are 18. He is also secretly gay, no one knows he is. He likes it being a secret because he is scare what people will think of him. Scared of what they will say.
He said I should stat the YouTube channel. Instead of a blog or a diary. I wanted to do it anomalously. So I did.
I grabbed my school lunch paper bag out of my Cath Kidston Red Spotty bag and grabbed a sharpie. I drew a question mark on it and placed it on my head.
“The reason I’m starting this YouTube channel is because I want to do daily vlogs and express how I feel to others” I said to my £50 Camera.
I explained how people at school treated me and told them about my anxiety and depression.
I told them about myself. I told them everything. Well.. that is apart from my name and address and all my personal details. I replaced all the people’s names I mentioned
I told them that my parents don’t know I’m doing this and that I want to help relieve my anxiety. I told them they can’t know who am.
“Goodbye guys” I whispered.
I ended the recording.
I stayed up late until2:36 in the morning editing my video until I fell asleep uploading the video. I woke up around 8:00 the next morning, unsure of what day it was, weird I know. It was Saturday. Plenty of time to sleep later. Coursework tomorrow I thought. I scrolled throughLL the videos comments and I saw little comments.
‘OMG I go through this It’s good to know I’m not the only one.’
‘Pen pal?’
This is when I knew I wanted to carry on..

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