The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


1. 1

"So see this is why you are a FREAKIN SLUT!" My dad or should I say abuser said kicking me in the stomach . The blood poured out of my nose and I lay on the ground unable to move a muscle . At this point I was too weak to do anything . He kicked me one more time before I easily fell unconscious

*1 hour later *

"Put your hands up!" I heard yelling and slowly opened my eyes . My mom and dad (the abusers) were cuffed up and getting escorted out of the house. I heard sirens and people shuffling around. I was too weak like always to move at all. Some one in a police outfit picked me up and I didn't care. I should just die . I am a slut and a failure

"Ma'am are you ok?" I heard the paramedics say to me . I didn't answer . They out me in a ambulance and I slowly went unconscious again from all the blood I was losing .

I woke up and looked around . A blank white room and a chair next to me. Then it hit me everything that happened yesterday..

"Ma'am your awake" a nurse said walking into the room

"What happened ?" The nurse said and sat next to me . I explained everything and she nodded writing stuff down .

"We arrested your parents your safe don't worry" she said and soothingly patted my back

"You are going to go to a new home! And they will take care of you until we get things straight with your parents !" Some lady said in a fancy suit walking through the door

"Um Ok?" I asked and she smiled and out s bag on the bed

"Change into this and I will take you there " she said and I nodded . I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom because I got more fluids into my body now. I put the sweater and leggings on along with the boots and I walked out

"Ok you can go now" the nurse said and I walked out

"Get in the car I'll take you there " the mean looking lady snapped and I nodded quick

"Ok sure " I said and slowly limped over to the car . I put on my seatbelt and the lady handed me a box

"You'll need this .. We are going to Doncaster!" She said happily and I rolled my eyes then opened the box

"Thanks !" I said looking at the new iPhone 6 . I never had a phone ..

"No problem. So we are gonna go to McDonalds to eat! Then we will drive 2 hours to Doncaster to the nice lady's house who offered to take care of you!" She said and I nodded .

We got to the house 2 hours later and I grabbed my small bag out of the trunk

"Here you go " the lady ( Marley ) said and took the bag from me and walked to the front door

"Hello !" The lady said and shook my hand

"Hi " I said shyly and the lady smiled sweetly at me

"I'm Liz ! Welcome to our house " she said and opened the door

"Hi" said a boy who looked my age maybe a bit older said and walked in. He had blonde hair and a lip piercing

"Hello " I said and Marley smiled at us

"ok you'll be here for a while and then I will take you back" she said and walked out

"Ta ta!" She said in her fancy accent

"I'm Luke" the boy said and stuck out his hand . I quickly shook it and in walked a little girl

"Hi I'm Alice! I'm 5!" She said in her perfect sweet voice

"Hi Alice I''m Ali" i said and bent down to her height

"LUCAS SHOW HER WHERE SHE IS GONNA BE SLEEPING!!" Liz said and Luke picked up my bag and I walked behind him

"Here it is " he said and opened two huge doors upstairs . It was a really nice purple color with a huge King size bed and a huge dresser. There was a huge stuffed bear in one corner and a desk with a Apple Computer on it and a really nice purple desk chair. There was a MacBook on the nightstand and a charger plugged in the wall. It was wood floors and there were 2 other doors

"You like it?" He asked and I nodded and walked in . I walked to one of the doors and opened it . Inside was a huge bathroom and it had a huge makeup vanity with Mac supplies and a brush kit thing . There was a huge jacuzzi and a shower with a double sink . There were 2 toothbrushes and a mouth wash bottle in the shower there was a variety of shampoos and conditioners and lot of bath and body works body washes .

Then I walked into the other door and it was a huge closet and it had a huge shoe rack right in the front when you walk in . It had a lot of colored Uggs and boots . Then there was another rack with flip flops and sandals .. Then there was another rack with different colored and designed Converse and Nike sneakers. There was a lot of different colored dresses and shirts .. There were tank tops and crop tops and all types of clothes . There was a drawer which had all my bottoms like sweat pants and shorts and stuff.

"Wow this is amazing " I whispered and heard a voice

"yea we um got your size " Luke said and I smiled

"thanks I'm gonna go take a shower now . Thank your mom for everything " i said and he nodded and walked out . I grabbed some Captain America pajamas and ran into the bathroom .

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