boyrella cinderella male vertion

I had a step mouther and father and their 3 songs who made me work all night but willjames listen to them or be who he is a happie guy and likable and wheat happens when he meets 5 seconds of summer


1. do your work

ounces upon a time in Australia  their was this boy who was 14   he was lovely his name was James.He didn't have many friends but he had no time for friends though he was treated badly. His step mother and his 3 brothers made him do loads of work and chores. ok James James where are you coming step mother.  Turn that music down first thing yes walking  and turning it off James where are you hear you need to stop dreaming of being a singer and who are you listening to five seconds of summer because they inspire me. Get to work sorry  putting his ear plus on while washing and cleaning the  floor  oh it looks like the new neighbours are hear. James get back to work sorry stepmother thank you hello we live next door to you. Hi   I'm Luke my friends are   cleaning the house somewhat a lovely boy you are thank you I also have 3 brothers. No you have 4 mum.  Oh ignore him I wish I threw hi in the bin she laughed his face was not impressed  Im Luke  he said to James with a smile nice to meet you  we our a boy band but tacking a break at the moment oh  what is the name of your boyband. I hate boy band said his step mum oh have listen to our music what are you called five seconds of summer oh no your living next door  to us yes who told you to come. I was just introducing myself hes a nobody. Are you ok hear bro. yeah Im fine. ok if you need anything just call me he gave James his number. thanks Luke and left  . His step mum slammed the door what   a stupid  boy .he is lovely mum yeah your not going to call  him about us not one word ok and stole the paper from him. know can I just have five minutes to rest .she started loathing  rest my other sons need rest .Um why they haven't done anything. Yes they  have. What give me back the number im going out wait you didn't answer my question what do your sons do nothing exactly I do everything. How dare you your not my son.Well you need to treat me like I'm your son. she  smacked him I have had it with you James started to cry and the evil step mother left to get her sons from school know her sons where very naughty they never did their home work they misbehaved in school but to her they where perfect.   James ran out rang the doorbell next door hi may I  help you hi live net door to you  are you ok no is Luke home yeah Luke come hear quick  Im ashton by the way hi wiping his tears he  said is their anything I can do for  you  bro  Luke come running thank ashton what's wrong James I am getting tired and fed-up of my step mother and 3 brothers they make me do all their work hey this is like the story of Cinderella said ashton I  am the boy vertion to Cinderella oh he said sorry for laughing we need to sort her out James get back inside your in deep trouble know  end of part 1

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