The Badboy

Bella Dean is an average girl at school. She isn't popular but she has a got share of friends but has a handful of close friends. She loves to play sports and so does her brother. Her brother is a football and soccer player at their school and is popular at their school. His bestfriend is the one any only Brandon Carter, the bad boy at school.


1. Practice

"PASS BACK!" I yelled getting in the passing lane for the ball. I am currently at a soccer practice. I got the ball and was about to make a goal until I got hit in the head with a stupid football. "What the tea total heck!" I yelled running up to Max and pushing him. Max is a friend of my brothers and is absolutely annoying!

"What happened?" Jordan asked running up to me and separated me from Max. "This little prick knocked me in the head with a football!" I glared pointing at the prick. "Max why would you do that? If Matt finds out he will kill you. You know how protective he is of Bella." Jordan is other friend of my brothers but he is more like my brother than any other of his friends.

"I don't get what the fuss is! So what she got hit in the head with the ball, whats the big deal?!" Brandon came over and crossed his arms. Brandon is my brothers best friend, we actually use to get along before Misty broke his heart in the beginning of Freshman year. What a fake! She would wear short clothes and tons of makeup.

She cheated on him with Sam McAlister, the captain of the Lacrosse team. "Dean! Get back her before I kick you off the team!" Coach yelled at me. I ran back over and she did the concussion test on me, I don't have one. "Now get back on the field!" She pointed to wear I need to go and I obeyed. Never ever disobey coach, she will make you disappear.

I played for the last hour then practice was over. "Bella hurry up! The boys are waiting at the house!" Matt yelled to me from his car. I hopped in and pouted, "Why are they over?" "Cause I invited them to come over." He simply answered. Me and Matt are twins not identical obviously. Matt bought the house we live in currently cause our parents decided to leave us with no warning last year!

We are both in senior year of high school and it is April! I am going to graduate as my class valedictorian. "So I was thinking we have a lot of empty room in the house and I was thinking that the boys could move in with us." Matt looked over at me. I looked at him and shrugged, "Its your house you make the rules." I really don't want them to move up but, I have no choice but to agree.

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