Alpha Howler

You never see me coming. You never know I'm here until its too late. If you have anything against me, I will find you. And I will kill you. I am the ALPHA HOWLER.


1. I WILL find you.

will find you.


          "It's okay honey. We've got you, you're going to be just fine. My precious baby." I looked up to see my mom's beautiful face, her long, brownish cream hair flowing from the wind coming through the window. Over her shoulder I saw my dad, with his strait, jet black hair and his big brown eyes. He kissed my mom on the cheek and I kicked up my feet. I giggled and reached for one of my moms creamy locks. Putting one in my mouth, I started to suck on her hair. She laughed and pulled the strand of hair from my mouth. My dad reached over for something and popped a pacifier in my mouth, smiling down at me as I began to suck on the pacifier, my face crumpled in a babyish grin. " This little bundle of joy has to be the most beautiful 4 month old baby in Thunderville. I believe she takes after her mother, though I have to say that her blue hair is a bit strange. None of the kings and queens before us has ever had this naturally blue hair." My dad said, giving me a quizzical look. I have blue hair? Strange, I've never seen anyone with blue hair, not in the entire 4 months I've been alive. My mom shrugged and lay me down in my crib, then said, " I don't know. But I do know that we are going to have to tell her what she is before she shifts in front of one of the guards and we get thrown out. We might be king and queen, but there are laws against our kind." She turned to me with a sad smile, " Honey, your a-" She didn't have time to finish, because just then one of the closed windows broke open with a crash. In jumped at least ten men, each with a gun in his hand. Both mom and dad jumped and I cried out as one shard of glass flew through the air and landed on my palm, sinking into it. Then I watched in amazement as my hand spit out the piece of glass and mended itself in seconds flat. When it was done, only a small scar remained. How did that happen? I looked to see my parents and the men staring at me. Then one of the men shouted, " We were right! They are werewolves!" and before mom or dad could react he pointed the gun and shot. The bullet flew through the air and soon ten more bullets followed. I covered my ears and closed my eyes, afraid. When I opened them It took a second for me to figure out what this black thing in front of me was. Then I realized it was a gun. " Leave the baby. Its going to have a miserable life without its parents." Said the one that had called us werewolves.  And with that, all the men left. I peered over the side of my crib to see my mom and dad lying on the floor with bloody wounds. Mom had a huge gash in her heart, dad with one in his head. They were dead. I broke out into tears, screaming for help. In a second the room was filled with royal guards trying to figure out what happened. Once they realized my parents were dead they looked over at me, probably confused as to what to do with me, since I was too young and still needed my mothers milk. More investigators came in to try to figure out who killed my parents. Then they left, dragging mom and dad out the door, calling for the castle nurse to take care of me. She rushed in and took me in her arms, and I looked over her shoulder to see the last of mom being dragged out the door. " Mommy? Mommy! Daddy! Oh no! No. No. No!" My 5 year old sister came into the room, shouting, then ran after them as they took mom and dad away. At that moment I decided that if I ever found the man that destroyed my life, my family, that destroyed me. I would kill him.

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