Lavern's Cover Store OPEN

Get amazing, professional covers within 72 hours of your request! Lavern is back with a new and improved cover store that has more than just covers. Now, you can order wallpaper for you touch screen or computer, banners, profile pictures, and anything else you can imagine --open--


1. Forum and Rules

So, this is my new cover store! Yes, the covers will be improved and be available quicker. I will be using a combination of PicMonkey, Canva, Pixlr, and Phonto to get you the perfect cover. I will also let you choose from a set of three, so it can be matched to what you want. Also, there are a fair amount of Qs so that I can give you the most personalized look. Put NA if you don't want something, P if you want me to choose, and if you see an asterisk (*), put yes, no, P, or NA.C

Cover forum

1. Author(s) -

2. Title -

3.  Effects*(if yes say which one, and if it isn't on the list, ask: pencil, b+w, dapple, water color, vintage, art funk, sepia) -

4. Blurb\Summery -

5. Link -

6. Mood -

7. Color film* (blue, purple, green, pink, magenta, white) -

8. Quick Order*(Only for competitions or other dead lines) -

9. People*  -

10. Drawn or Real Life -

11. Fanfiction* (if so, what kind) -

12. Ideas


Poster/Banner Forum

1. Poster or Banner - 

2. People -

3. Quote - 

4. Mood - 

5. Release Date - 

6. Ideas -

7. Ideas -


Profile Picture Forum 

1.  Favorite color - 

2. People - 

3. Mood -

4. Drawn or Real Life -

6. Ideas - 


Wallpaper Forum

1. What product (IPad, phone, PC, etc.) - 

2. Mood - 

3. Drawn or Real Life - 

4. Ideas




1. No R rated movellas.

2. No Rushing.

3. Tell me if you don't like it!





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