Love Is

Very deadly.


1. Love Is

Love, its toxic. Overpowering and contagious.
It's unexpected, its sometimes rare and always outrageous.
It gives you that feeling of desire,
It's the ignite to anyone's fire.
It's temptation at its best,
It's blinding and hits fast, it puts two people's hearts to the test.

It's a pounding in the chest as it reaches a new high,
It makes evil wanna turn and bat an eye.
It's beauty in the form of a simple word,
As it makes every emotion twist and twirl.
Its like a newly found pearl,
So big and high in value.
It can turn greed into compassion,
Making cold hearts turn warm.
Changing appearance into quite a different form.

Love makes a sane person turn mad,
Maybe even turn the good to bad.
It can make the mind a dangerous case,
Making the subconscious an unwelcome place.
It shows the lengths one will go,
No matter who the foe.
To ensure it never strays,
To ensure, that it will forever stay.
And be sure that the heart shall not wonder,
Even then, one can only ponder.

Love is cruel. Love is kind.
Love is in different shapes, different forms.
Love is hidden, love is hard to find.

Love is a mystery, unsolved, clearly known.
It is clearly there, almost never shown.
So why is it, love flees, when it sees what it sees.
Past the lies, and to the core.
Past the skin, and closed door?
Is it, that love is smart?
That it knows the right moment,
When it plays its roll, its part?

Love is love.
It does not appear to be understood.
It changes, never the same,
When the heart beats differently, it was not meant to tame.
It was not meant to control or keep caged,
It was meant to run circles around you, like a maze.
To find who is worthy, who is not.
Making it uneasily caught.

Love is out in the wind.
Try as you might to catch it,
But its a lost cause with cruel intentions.
Because love knows,
When its true from when its fake.
It holds out for its holders sake.
It can be gentle or hard as stone.
Holding a beautiful harmony or broken tone.
So try and get past its barriers,
For love is not for everyone.

Love is for believers of forever after.
Full of happiness and laughter.
Not twisted fantasy's of abuse and neglect.
So remember, love can easily trust, as well as it can easily reject.

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