The End

These are humanity’s last days. Everything they hoped for, everything they build is now about to crumble down.
Every experiment for finding other forms of living in other planets has failed. They’re all alone. At least that’s what they think, but is it for real like this?
*** Soundtrack: Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber – Next to you ***


1. Prequel

  It was such a long, boring day. Everything is always the same. Nothing ever happens in here.

  I woke up at mid day as usual and then I got out with my so called friends. They were talking about the same things as always. I was kind of left aside. It was just that I wasn’t interested on those kind of chats.

  I just couldn’t wait to meet him. There were only 2 hours left. He was the one who was always there by my side no matter what. By his side it felt like home.

  While thinking all these, I hear a familiar bip. It was my phone ringing. His name was on the screen.

 -Hey, what’s up? – I said.

 -Haven’t you heard the news? – he said to me.

 -No! What news? – I asked him. I was really curious. Probably was a news about some famous band coming into the town, but from his voice I could feel that something was different.

  -The world is going to end in just two weeks. – he said.

   As soon as I heard that, I started laughing out loud. Gosh, me and my worries! This was probably one of the funnies things he had ever said to me.

 -Why are you laughing? I’m serious. – Denn said with clear annoyance at his voice.

 -It’s funny. – I simply said.

 -You think the end of the world is funny? – he said to me.

 -Oh, don’t act like this. It’s not like is going to end for real. They have said that multiple times already and nothing has happened. – I told him.


*** This is the prequel for the story and I already have the first chapter written on my pc. As soon as I get some readers in this I will upload it. Remember favorite\like\comment on this and I will do the same. ***

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