old friends

Luke has some old friends coming to stay with him but they have become bullies will Luke join them or not be their friends anymore


1. i cant wait to seemy old friends

Luke woke up earley today is the day I see my old friends. Again he screamed yes fially  after five years  he cleaned his house wow I have to go food shoping get some food for them he got pizza and stuff for his friends he arrived home the doorbell rang he ran to the door nathon his best friend was their he opend and said Nathan.  they all handed their suitecases to Luke. We are going out ill see you later wait can I come said Luke no you can not . Why do  we have to be hear today Nathan I know Luke we don't like  you anymore can we just forget we where friends wait you all don't like me. No we hate you  you  left us all to join that band your in 5 seconds of summer oh saw that's how you fell he cried yes we are on our way out. Wait please let  me  do something for you atleatlet me give you dinner no where leaving come  on we cant naton ohi knew Daniel ws still nice no im not we need to bully some boys around her likewho luke saidyou. Luke ran as fast as he could and  called Michael hey bro you know I had my old friends come  tody bad idear they  hateme how can anyone hate you he said I know .Anyway can you come i need some friends with me  yeah ofcource  Nathan  saw Luke hey what are you doing hear getaway from me Nathan i don't like you anymore how dare you talk to  me like that im not your friend Michael come over we where fine no we our not screamed Luke boys  come and  tack luke hey leave my bro alone. who talks like that I do leave him alone right know. no get away from me he pushed Michael on the floor  ths isn't over yet it s we have taken Luke Nathan  screamed.   I have had it with all of you guys  Michael are you  ok yes im fine luke  no your not you cant get up leave me alone he pushed Nathan of him and ran to  Michal let me help you up why are they your friends their not they use to be my friends know I don't know why this is the end of you luke we will get rid of you forever they loughed  oh no its not said ashton how dare you talk to my  friends  like that he ran to Nathan and pushed him on the floor little did he know dnaiel was right behind him and punched ashton how dare you said luke and micjael forget about friendship forever you all  will regreat it I mean it

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