Dark magic is one of the most powerful things in all the realms, All magic comes with a prize though, It can creep up inside you and consume you.
That's what happened to her, but she needed a change. It wasn't going to be easy, but she had to do it. She had to do it just for him. Only him.


2. Darkness - Harry Potter AU ( Bellatrix Lestrange Fanfiction)

  They all thought she was dead after Molly Weasley casted that spell on her. It was funny. How could they think that she was actually dead from someone as low as Molly? Huh, that was probably one of the funniest things she had ever heard on her entire life.

  She saw Voldemort getting furious. It looked like he thought she was dead too. She couldn't blame him. She was such a good actress.

  After Bellatrix saw that the final battle between Harry and Voldemort started, she finally got the perfect time to escape. She knew she had to help Voldemort to kill that boy, but she also wanted to think a little about herself. Voldemort was going to die anyways. That's what the prophecy said.

  So she ran away, deep into the forest. Somehow she managed to create this big screen where she could see what was going on. The view was blurry, that meant she was weak, but still she could see what was going on. That was all that she wanted.

  In a moment she saw Harry and Voldemort talking about that powerful wand. The boy said that the real owner of that wand was  Draco. She couldn't help it, but she felt this slight feeling of pride. In the end it was her nephew. Her nephew was the owner of that wand, but still in the end of all, Harry had to take the glory. Now he was the owner of that wand. He was going to be probably the last owner of it.

  Then, the flashlight they were all scared of. Voldemort did his ultimate try to get rid of the boy. He was going to fail. She knew that and that's what happened. He was gone. Voldemort was now gone and there was no turning back for him.

  After she saw Voldemort dying, she ran away. Now he was gone. Everything she ever had was now gone. No power, no family. Nothing. They all thought she was dead. She had nowhere to go now.



  Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months and months turned to years. 3 Years passed since the final battle of Hogwarts. Things were still the same for her. She was still all alone, in the woods.

  She never thought this would happen to her. She had always been the best. She had always everything., but not this time. It was the first time for her that she was needing someone by her side. She needed love, but she knew she couldn't get it.

  Bella thought of going somewhere new, somewhere where no one knew her. Maybe she could start living at the human world, but then again, she hated those creatures. Low creatures with no dignity. There was nothing good about them.

 No, she had to live at the magic world. Magic was power. She knew that, better than anyone else. She wouldn't let herself fall that low.




  It was an evening when everything started. She decided to act as a regular person in the human's world. There was just curiosity and a desire for blood that made her go there.

 -Can I help you ma'am? - a man said.

 -Get out of my way! - Bellatrix said. She felt happy knowing that her voice was just like in the old days.

 -OK, excuse me then. - the same man said.

  -Why are you still in here? - Bellatrix said. She was trying her best not to cast a spell on him. In her old times, that man was sure going to pay, but he was lucky though. Bella felt that her old times were gone.

  She knew exactly where to go. Events of her past were flashing in her head like a movie.




  "It was a summer in Wells, a very beautiful one when she met him. She was just a student at her last year in Hogwarts and he was the owner of a family business at the human's world.

   Even though he was human,it looked like he was the only one who could understand her. He was the only one who could control her urge of killing someone. Even Bella didn't know why she felt that way. She could see a little cute kid and in instant she felt like killing the little kid, but this didn't happen when she was around him.

  He wasn't special. He was just a human, but he was special to her. She had to keep it on the hush. If her mum would have find out, both, Bella and him would be dead.

  It was a night full of passion and love. She wanted it to last forever. Bella could cast a spell making it last forever, but she didn't want that. Somehow he made her bring out the best of her even for the smallest things.

  Then she had to go. Her last school year started and then just a couple of years ago she got fascinated with Voldemort and his attitude. She could be free when she was around him."




  She sighed at that memory. She still wondered what would have happened if she didn't join Voldemort. It was her most precious memory. Without realizing it, she had  walked a lot and she was feeling tired. She needed a rest. Luckily for her, there was a branch where she could sit.

  Bella could make one by using her powers, but she didn't feel like doing so. It was the first time in so many years that she didn't want to use magic. It was the first time since she last saw him.

  It was night. Darkness surrounded her. It wasn't something special. Bellatrix could find fulfillment in darkness, but these last years wasn't like that. Since Voldemort was gone, she always felt this feeling of emptiness. She always felt like she was useless now.

  Bellatrix could always go back, find Harry and kill him for her and for Voldemort,  but there was something stopping her from doing so. It wasn't fear. It was caution. She knew she was one of the strongest witches out there, so Harry was probably just like a piece of cake, but then again, Voldemort was the most powerful and he was dead. He was dead thanks to Harry.

 -Are you OK? - another man said.

 Ugh, more men for her. She knew she was irresistible, but she needed some times alone damn it.

 What a stupid question. Was she OK? Of course she was not OK. Everyone could notice that, but apparently humans were dumber than she thought.

 -Of course I am OK. Why wouldn't I be OK anyways? - Bella said to the man. Damn it, there was something about him that made her feel uncomfortable. He looked pretty familiar. She was sure she had seen those eyes before.

 "Stupid girl." - she said to herself. - "He's just a random human. He's never going to come back in your life. He has probably what these humans call a happy family."




  It was a late night for him and as always he was trying to get those thoughts out of his brain. He was trying hard, but he couldn't. Since when she was gone, there was only darkness around him.

  He has heard news about her. He couldn't believe what she had turned to, but he knew that, that was how she wanted to be since always.

  As thinking about all these, there was this constant memory flashing into his mind.




  "It was the best summer of his life. She was the only person that could bring so much joy in his life. Even though she looked like she was made out of darkness, she seemed to give to him so much light. He never wanted to let go of her and he was sure that she didn't want to let go of him either."




  It was a really dark night, just like the night she said goodbye to him. So many memories.

  While walking, he saw a woman sat in an old branch. She had long, wavy black hair. She looked hurt. In the first moment he thought he'd better get away from her, but there was something keeping him in the same place.

 He decided to ask her if she was OK. It was such a dumb question. He could clearly notice that she wasn't OK.

  She replied in such a harsh way. When he saw her in her eyes, he felt something familiar in them. Maybe it was her? No it couldn't be. She was dead. Everyone made such a big celebration of her death, while he just stood somewhere crying his heart out for her.




 - You don't seem that much OK. - the man said.

 He sure had a lot of courage to talk to her like that, but then he was right. She wasn't OK. There was no point on denying it, at least to herself. There was no way she'd allow someone to know that she wasn't feeling OK. To others she had to be the tough Bellatrix Lestrange. She had to gain respect and that was the only way for her to do so.

  -Do you have a place to spend the night? - the man asked.

 Bellatrix didn't know what to say. She could make a house, but then it would made others notice her and realize that Bellatrix wasn't dead. She didn't want that.

 -No. - she replied. She knew it was a foolish thing to do, but she couldn't seem to find a better option. She could always kill this man anyways.

 -You can come into my home to spend the night. My car isn't too far from here. - the man said.

 -OK. - she said. She thought that nothing could go wrong. She could have a night of action in the end of all and in the morning kill this man.




  It was a short, quiet drive to this man's house. Bellatrix was only hoping to get some sleep and some peace. She sure missed a descent bed.

  They entered the house. It was a small apartment at the 4th floor of that building. It wasn't a new one, but it wasn't old either. It was a nice place. Now she was thinking even more on killing this man in the morning. Poor guy! He had no idea what he got his self into.

  -You can stay here. This is my bedroom, but I don't mind sleeping in the kitchen. - the man said showing her a small, comfortable room. After that, he left. Bellatrix was left alone in there. "Finally some comfort." - she thought.

  While walking around, a small, shiny object caught her attention. It was a green diamond ring. It looked really familiar to her. In fact it was the same ring she gave to him, before leaving, but why did this man had it? Who was he? Could this man be the same with him?

  It couldn't. She was sure she'd know him in a million face and in a million voices, but then again, years had passed. Her heart and her mind couldn't make her think to kill him, but she thought of killing this man, but also the darkness of so many years couldn't let go of her so easily. Darkness needed something to feed with.

  It was impossible. She was going crazy. It was probably her stupid mind playing tricks with her.

  She went in the kitchen furiously.

 -This is my ring. How did you got your hands on this? - Bellatrix said with a voice that could scare anyone.

 -Belle?! - the man said surprised.

 "Belle". He was the only one to call him like that. So many years have passed and so many things had changed since the last time she heard that name.

 -It's you. - Bellatrix said with a broken voice now. She couldn't believe him.

 -I thought you were dead. - the man said.

 -I faked it. I needed a runaway. - Bellatrix said.

 -You have no idea of the pain I had. - the man said.

 -I'm sorry. - Bellatrix said without knowing exactly what to say next.




  That night was just like in the old times. No worries, only pure love.

  The morning didn't feel that good though. Bellatrix was now clear in her mind. Things were going to be hard, maybe impossible.

 -What are you thinking of? - he said.

 -We're not meant to be. - she said honestly.

 -Don't think that way. - he said.

 -Why not? - Bella asked.

 -We're meant to be. Destiny want us to be together, otherwise we wouldn't be together right now. - he said.

 -You could've been dead by now. - Bella said, a small smile escaped her lips.

 -I know, but I also know that I'm not. I trust you. - he said kissing her forehead.




  Years passed. Bellatrix was still with him. In fact with her was a beautiful little girl too. It was their daughter.

  After so many years of darkness Bella still couldn't believe that she was now having some light in her life. These were her thoughts when she was alone, but when she was around her beautiful family, she forget completely about those things.

  When everyone found out that she was alive, everyone panicked. So many years have passed since when people were panicked just because she was alive and free. Nothing happened though. And that was only thanks to Harry.

"For the first time, the boy is doing something right for me." - Bellatrix said.




                                                        THE END

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