When the world comes down

Y/n is dating Shawn. She is Cameron Dallas' sister. Cameron gets in a wreck. Which makes her find her strength when her world comes down.


1. chapter one

I was on my way to meet Shawn at his apartment when my phone started ringing. It was Nash. "Y/n Cameron's been in a wreck!" "I'm on my way!" I called Shawn he would keep me calm.

It only took him a second to answer. "Hey baby! Are you almost here?" "Cameron got in a wreck! Please take me to the hospital!" "Ok. Where are you?" " I'm on 5th and main." "Alright I'm coming! Don't worry he is going to be okay." Shawn always made my problems better.

We had been dating for two years now. I remember the day Cameron, my brother, introduced me to him. He had decided to have a party, me being his sister, and living with him while looking for an apartment, I was invited. He invited so many different people.

He even invited my friends.

He called me over. He was standing with Nash,Hayes, jack G, jack J, and a guy I had never seen before. "Hey y/n. This is Shawn Mendes." I said hello nicely and the boys rushed away to greet more guests, except Shawn. We sat and talked for hours and right before the party ended he leaned in and we kissed. I realized I was standing in the middle of the street. I saw the familiar jeep coming towards me. I jumped in the car, it was warm on this cold winter day. "Hey sweetie." "Hey I'm so scared!" " it's going to be fine. I promise." He kissed me gently then drove off.

We got to the hospital. Hayes was waiting on us by the desk. "How is he?" Shawn asked "it doesn't look good. He isn't responding, he is breathing but not that good." My heart sank. Shawn caught me so I must have been falling. That wouldn't surprise me.

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