It's been 10 years since the Teen Titans been together. When Robin plans a reunion all the Titans get excited to see each other. But one Titan has a secret that might shock another..


1. Seeing you again

Okay so I thought of this story and really liked where it was going so I wanted to try it out... Hope you like it


I was sitting in my throne in the demon world looking over papers. I had letters coming from so many people. 

"Starfire, Starfire, Jinx, Bumble Bee, Starfire, Starfire," I groaned, "Nothing new I see."

"Your highness," A guard came up to me with a letter. I used my powers to take it from him and I nodded for him to go.

"Thank you," I said and opened the letter. It was from Robin. 

"Whose it from Mama?" My son BB asked. We called him that because of his full name. I'll tell you later.

"It's from Robin," I tell him.

"From the Titans?" Dove my younger daughter asked.

"Yea. He's having a reunion for all Titans tomorrow." I smiled.

"Is Aunt Star coming?" Dove asked. I nodded. The kids laughed. They were fraternal twins with different powers.

"Can we go mama?" BB begged.

"Of course, I'd love for you to meet the rest of the Titans."

BB transformed into a dog and ran across the halls. I guess that gives it away. BB is Beast Boy jr. We don't add the J just because he didn't like it. He looked just like his father. Had the same power, charm, and wisdom (even though there was none).

"BB don't go outside," I warned and of course he darted outside.

"BB Bumble Bee is-" 

"OW!" BB Screamed. 

"Taming the bees," I finished wincing. BB was allergic to Bees just like his dad.


Moments later guards came in with BB. His whole body was filled with red bumps and his lips puffy.

"Tell Bumble Bee to come in and help his him," I ordered another guard and he nodded. 

"I guess BB isn't coming tomorrow," Dove frowned looking down. She hated leaving him behind.

"It's okay baby," I tell her giving her a hug, "He'll be able to meet them."


The next day came by fast and Dove was super exited to meet everyone. I finally got ready and there was a knock on the door.

"Raven!" Starfire called and I told her where we were. We were going to the T tower together.

"Hey Star," I greeted.

"Auntie Star!" Dove cheered hugging Starfire.

"Hello Dove!" Starfire replied hugging her. "Are you the ready Raven?" 

I nodded and we left. As we flew to the T tower Starfire looked at me.


"What are you gonna do about Beast Boy?" She asked and I looked down.

"Not sure but I'll worry him later," I told her and Dove smiled. She knew about Beast Boy being her father but the only thing he didn't know was that she was his daughter. Dove would always use her magic to watch him (I would too) and make sure he was alright. She'd even send him Dove sometimes when he went out to the Ocean to watch the Sun set. That was kind of his thing. 

Making it to the T tower, Cyborg was there with Jinx talking to Robin.

"Rav!" Cyborg came and hugged me. I hugged him back happy to see him.

"Hey Raven- I mean Queen Raven," Robin said bowing down.

"No, no. Don't do that," I tell him and he gets up, "I might be a Queen but we were friends before that. I want to be treated like everyone else."

Robin smiled and hugged me.

"Good to see you Raven."

Robin transformed into Nightwing once he joined the Justice League. 

"Whose this?" Robin asked peeking at Dove who was hiding behind me.

"This is my daughter Dove," I say, "Say hi Dove."

Dove waved and gave him a smile.

"She looks just like you," Jinx added.

"Yea, her twin brother is at home. He's allergic to bees and he got stung so we had to keep him home on his treatments."

"You have two kids?" Cyborg gave me a scared look.

"They're fraternal twins," I went used my magic to make a picture appear.

"He looks just like-"

"Shhh!" I said quickly, "I know who he looks like because he looks just like his father."

Cyborgs mouth dropped.


"Hey guys," A familiar voice said and we all turned to face Beast Boy who had a giant smile on his face.

"Oh, uh, Hey beast boy," Jinx said nervously. I rolled my eyes and looked at Dove. Her face lit up.

"Mama that's him," She whispered tugging on my cloak. 

"I know baby," I said and she went up to him.

"Hi," She said and Beast Boy smiled.

"Well hello there," He replied, "What's your name?"

"I'm Dove," She said and Beast Boy looked as if she was a sign or something.

"Hi Dove, you must be Raven's daughter. You look just like her," Dove smiled and hugged Beast Boy. She came back to me and still had a smile plastered on her face. 

"I see you have a kid Rav," Beast boy said a little disappointing.

"Two," I corrected and he looked shocked. "They're fraternal twins."

"Oh." He didn't ask to look at a picture. Beast Boy walked out away and went to talk to Cyborg.

"You have to tell him Raven," Starfire said. I looked down.

"But what is he doesn't want to be apart of their life?" I ask her, "What if he get's mad?"

"He wont. I know he won't. Heal the Beast Boy jr. and get him here. Let the beast boy see him."

I nodded and I went up to the top of the Tower with Dove.

"What are you doing mommy?" She asked.

"You'll see. Go get Daddy," I tell her and she levitates down.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," I got BB here and he was fell down.

"OW! Tell me when you do that next time mama," BB says rubbing his butt.

"Sorry baby but you get to meet Daddy," I tell him and his face lights up. Once more he turns into a dog and runs around.

"BB watch-"

"Hey Raven did you need something?" Beast Boy asked before bumping into BB.

"Ow!" they said in unison sounding just alike (Only BB's voice was a higher). They looked each other up and down.

"Raven what did you do?" Beast Boy asked still looking at BB.

"Um. Well it's actually what did we do," I said and Beast Boy looked puzzled. "Meet your son and Daughter Dove and Beast Boy jr."

His mouth dropped.

"My son and daughter?" he asked and I nodded. "When did this happen? How?"

"Well you know how kids come," I say and he shakes his head.

"I know that but when?"

"10 years ago before we separated. After we made the pact."

"How old are they?"

"We're 10," BB answered with a smiled.

"I gotta go," Beast Boy said turning into a bird.

"Beast Boy wait!"

He flew off. 


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