Secrets are hard to keep unless your boyfriend is a werewolf and your best friend likes you. How will you react to everything?

Isaac is a werewolf and is afraid to tell his girlfriend Taylor his secret. How will she take it? Will they break up or stay together?

Scott and Taylor are best friends and he doesn't like Isaac but starts liking Taylor. Will they tell their friends or keep it a secret?


1. Fighting Again

My parents were fighting again so I went to the woods ~my quiet place~ to be alone. I was sitting on a log and someone was staring at me, I didn't know who it was. Then he came from the shadows and I realized that it was a young boy I didn't know. I didn't see him around much. He was gorgeous though but his eyes were even more beautiful, they were the same as mine.

"Taylor, where are you?" Kaylen and Becca yelled. "Here" I yelled back. When they reached me, I said "Did you see him?" "Who?" When I looked again, the boy was gone. "IDK" So we went back to Kaylen's house and on the way there I saw him again. "Look" Becca turned around and said "Who are you looking at? There's no one there." "We have to go cuz we'll be late for dinner." Kaylen said. "Fine" I said. I caught up to them and I turned around and he was gone again.

We walked up to Kaylen's house and went in. "Mom we're home" Kaylen said. "Ok dinner's almost ready" "Ok" I said. It was around 8:30 when we had dinner. After dinner, we hung out until Becca had to leave. We said bye to her then went into Kaylen's room and sat on her bed. "I don't really like Becca anymore" Kaylen said. "Why is that?" I asked. "Because she's a jerk and only cares about herself." Kaylen replied. "True" I said. "I don't like her either. She's just for entertainment. We should at least pretend to be her friends." "Yea I agree" Kaylen said. We ended up staying up till 2 in the morning then went to bed.

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