Purple Leaves

In a small industrial town tucked away in the backwoods of Connecticut, Leon whom dropped off the radar a few years back after the special abilities he has been handed down from generations got the best of him has made a comeback. Reuniting with his brothers they must cope with the difficult lifestyle they have been placed in since birth.


1. Leon is Back

The north eastern part of the Unites States is well known for its small towns tucked away among the pines and the mountains. The town of Wicksville lies in the northernmost portion of Connecticut where not much special goes on. Being an old industrial town about the closest thing to tourism it gets is just people passing through stopping for fuel or food. The town was large and had a relatively average layout. The interstate had a ramp leading to the town center which was not much more than some gas stations, coffee shops, banks and miscellaneous department stores. Surrounding this portion of town are buildings left over from an old Colt gun factory and were nothing special to investigate. Simply large warehouses and towers made of brick with steel roofs and big glass windows that had all long since been broken out scattered around various roads that make way to the outskirts of town.


One particular part of town was fairly wooded, long gravel roads lead to some of the older houses still standing from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Ashfield street, one of the roads crosses a small stone bridge over Malben creek. Along the creek just short of the bridge sits a red house on a cobble stone foundation. The small house was once an old water wheel mill long since retired and converted into a regular house. Outside the front door sits a white 1994 Toyota MR2 with black racing wheels and low profile tires. The owner of this old house, Vern is inside immersed in a vein rupturing stressful session of the newly remastered Resident Evil 4. Vern likes to game at night and being that it is 10:15pm he was very much in his element. He is a 28 year old thin man with brown hair, pale in complexion about 5 foot 8 wearing a blue shirt and jeans.


Vern’s small house consists of a livingroom, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Walking in the front door you have the livingroom which is where Vern is currently gaming with the lights off and only the glow of the wood stove and computer monitors for light. The walls are bare wood planks giving off a rustic and homey environment. To the right of the front door there is a couch. On the far right of the room by a window facing the creek is the desk that Vern is sitting at. His desk consists of two monitors, one being used for Resident Evil, the other had the news home page open. The keyboard and mouse are backlit with a blue hue.


Vern, currently attempting to pull an officer out from under a broken automatic door in the game was so focused he failed to notice the headlights and notorious sound of tires on the gravel road heading to his house. The front door to Vern’s house creeks as it opens and Vern whips around knocking both his keyboard and his weed pen on the floor. About ready to commence the biggest eyeroll of the century rubs his temples and says “Of course it’s you. Nobody else is annoying and inconsiderate enough to just walk into someone’s house without knocking.” The man in the doorway is Vern’s brother Leon. He is 32 years old with black slicked back hair, red button down shirt, dark purple tie and a black blazer unbuttoned. His pants were dark jeans and he wore black converse on his feet. Leon, still holding the door handle let go and pushed the door closed with his right heel then said “well if we all showed up announced, we wouldn’t be able to find out who really talks shit about who would we now.”


The grin on Leon’s face greatly annoyed Vern and as he leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed he said “okay, you’re here now so what is it exactly that you want.” Leon sat down on the couch and said “what, cant visit my little brother?” Vern sternly said “I haven’t seen you in 6 months, not since you and Julia. This isn’t a social call what do you want.” Leon leaned forward resting his forearms on his knees and said “yeah, you’re right its not totally a social call. We need to talk about family, you and I both typically stay out of these things but I don’t think we can any longer.” Vern got up out of his chair and began to pace “for fuck sake Leon I already told you I’m done! I’m out of the picture, I didn’t choose that life and I don’t have to live it! You and I both learned the hard way why would you change your mind now.” Leon said “Vern! You know I agree with you but there is something going on and we need to be there! We can’t just live our lives pretending that these thing aren’t happening just because it’s wild and crazy compared to the lives of normal people!” Vern turned to face Leon, heart racing and said “you seriously can say it’s worth it after that exact kind of thinking got Julia killed?” Leon’s face grew white, he looked at Vern and in a shaky voice he said “I don’t think we have a choice.”


Vern’s mind, now beginning to scramble with mixed emotions of uncertainty, discomfort and fear walked into the kitchen for a beer. The kitchen had recently been remodeled with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. As he stood in front of the sink, opening his beer he took in the view of the creek out the window facing downstream. He opened his beer and walked back into the room and sat down in his computer chair once again and said “so, what happened to you man? I haven’t seen you in months, and Julia; I never got an invitation to a funeral or anything.” Leon, still pale with his hands folded together tightly said “there is a time and a place to talk about this, and we will.” Vern, cutting Leon off mid sentence slightly upset yet again loudly said “what better time than now huh? How can you honestly just push me out of your life for months and bury a woman alone and then just show up out of nowhere and expect me to just jump on whatever plan you happen to need help with!” Leon said “Vern I’ll explain everything, I promise I really will. Right now there are more important things to do and we don’t have time for catching up.” Vern slowly stood up, took a swig of his local craft ale and sternly looked at Leon. Pointing at Leon with a facial expression that said I’m dead serious he sternly said “You’re going to explain to me exactly what’s going on, you do that in detail and I’ll then decide If I’m going to help you. Leon got up and said “Come on and see for yourself little brother.”

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