The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


1. The Little Mermaid

There was once a beautiful redheaded mermaid, whose name was Ariel. She loved the world above the ocean, whilst her Father would tell her to ignore the Humans, she would scavenge shipwrecks for possessions.It was one day when she was swimming that she saw a ship, full of Humans, she couldn't help but watch them, she was captivated by one man, Eric. He was a prince, and he was ever so handsome, with ebony dark hair and a loyal dog at his side, he danced around the ship. It was at this point that the ship crashed into rocks, in an effort to save Eric, Ariel carried him from the ocean, he indeed did not drown and was safe on the beach near his home. Ariel was in love with him deeply, she sang to him whilst he slept, but when he woke she fled, he'd never know what she would look like. She loved him deeper than she could any merman, Humans indeed had eternal souls, while mermaids did not.


Ariel's father, Poseidon found out about Ariel's whereabouts and love interest in Eric, he was infuriated and destroyed Ariel's collection of items she had found. Being distraught, she fled from her home and sought out to find the Sea Witch, though she was evil could help her with her wishes. Upon seeing the Sea Witch, she made a deal with Ariel:


I will give you legs to walk on land, 
But whether your steps be on marble or sand, 
Each step will feel as if you are walking on glass, 
But this deal with not last.
You will have no tongue to speak, 
So dear you must work on your technique,
This deal will be a miss, 
Unless you find your true love's kiss,
And if he doesn't want you to be his wife, 
You will lose you life. 


Ariel agreed to these conditions, and she indeed now had a pair of legs, though each step was more painful than the last. Ariel was determined to have Eric fall in love with her, and nothing was going to get in her way. Her and Eric courted for most of the day, and he was most taken by Ariel, her plan was almost complete. Or at least she thought. The Sea Witch, now with her voice had Eric wrapped around her finger, for he had fallen in love with Ariel, but once he heard her voice, he was taken by the Sea Witch instantly. It was to her that Eric married, Ariel was never going to get over this, though she wouldn't have to, she was going to die. The Sea Witch made another deal with Ariel:


If you kill the Prince, 
Of our deal you will be rinsed, 
From this place you can flee, 
And live your life back in the Sea.


Though Ariel wanted to go back home, she couldn't bring herself to kill Eric. So, in a last attempt at being home again in the ocean, she threw her body into the water. But she didn't live, her body floated away, melting into the form of sea foam. And they lived happily ever after, right?

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