New Life

Bella is the girl who moves into a different place. She thought she was going to change only her lifestyle, but soon she was going to find out that wasn't true.
What is going to happen to her? Is she going to be able to make it through?
Read to find out.


2. Quality Time - Familiar things

  The book looked damn familiar to Bella. She was sure she had seen it somewhere, but she wasn't sure where. Then it hit her. It was the same book that appeared in her favorite TV-show, "Once Upon A Time". That was strange as hell.

 -What's wrong? - Henry asked interrupting Bella's thoughts.

 -No, nothing. - Bella said more to herself, than to him.

  After that she got back in her thoughts. This guy looked almost the same as Jared* and guess what? Jared played Henry at "OUAT"*. This little guy by her side was also called Henry. And there was the same book too.

  -Is it fan made? - Bella asked him, pointing to the book.

  -I'm not sure. - Henry said. - It doesn't have an author name printed on, so it might be a fan made, but I'm not sure.

  Bella decided to go straight into the main question:

  -Have you ever seen "Once Upon A Time"?

  -What is that? - Henry asked.

  -It's a well-known TV - show. You never heard of it? - Bella asked surprised.

  -No, I don't have a TV or a PC.- Henry said.

 -How can you live without those things? - Bella asked.

 -The same way I can live without a home. - Henry said.

  "The same way I can live without a home". That sentence hit her harder than anything else. It was shocking for Bella because she had never been into that kind of living for her, neither did she have someone close to her living homeless. Bella and her friends always had everything they wanted.

  -I'm going to buy some stuff to eat. Do you want to come with me? - Bella said after a while. She had always been afraid from homeless people, but there was something different about this kid.

  -Sure, if you don't mind, I'm coming with you. - Henry said.

  It was fun shopping with Henry. It looked like he was able to get all those people wrapped around her finger. After they finished shopping in the supermarket, they went in a small local store.

  -Here we can have some fun. - Henry said trying to fake an evil smile.

  -What do you mean with that? - Bella asked.

  -Free food. - Henry said.

  -You mean stealing food? - Bella asked.

  -If you want to call it like that, then yeah. - Henry replied.

  This wasn't Bella's first time of stealing. Even though she didn't need to steal a thing, she used to do it for fun.

 -OK then. What's the plan? - Bella asked him.

  Henry whispered something in her ear and then they walked inside of the store. He just like before had the girl working in there wrapped around his finger. He kept her focused on the small chat they were having, while Bella was doing the dirty work.

 -Come on Henry! Time to go. - she said once she got enough. Henry waved a "goodbye" to the girl working in there and then he walked toward Bella. After that they both left the shop.

  -We should better run. - Henry said after a couple of minutes.

  -Why? - Bella asked.

  -This is why. - Henry said and in the moment they heard a female voice screaming: "Hey get back here!".

  Luckily for them, they were able to get away from there without getting caught.

  -Do you want to come by my home for dinner? - Bella asked Henry.

  -I don't know if those from home will let me. I have to tell them. - he replied.

  -Didn't you say you had no home? - Bella asked surprised.





*1 -> Jared : talking about Jared Gilmore, the actor who plays Henry at "Once Upon A Time"

*2 -> OUAT: initials for "Once Upon A Time"





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