New Life

Bella is the girl who moves into a different place. She thought she was going to change only her lifestyle, but soon she was going to find out that wasn't true.
What is going to happen to her? Is she going to be able to make it through?
Read to find out.


1. Once upon a time.

Bella was packing her bags, thinking what her new life would be like in "Boston'" She looked at her bedroom, which she was going to leave behind. She packed all of the stuff she could fit in all her bags, "The rest daddy will shift  over ," she said zipping up her last box. Bella finally took all her bags and went out her room, "Wait! I'm coming!" she said running downstairs and out the door.


Bella climbed into her mom's car, which was a pick up truck, "Mom, is dad shipping his car to Boston?" Bella asked picking at her hair again. "What do you think, Bella? Obviously, he is shipping the car!" her mom said trying to do reverse the best she can. Bella didn't want to have a long mom and daughter talk like last time so, she put on the radio.


9 hours later.


"We're here!" Bella cried as she jumped out the car. They were outside an apartment building, It had stairs outside the building where you could sneak out through a window. "We got the top apartment on the floor," Bella's mom said walking up the stairs. "You mean the penthouse," Bella said walking up with her. "Yes, I mean a penthouse. Uh oh! I forgot about dinner. Bella, take the bus to the suppermarket," She said walking up the stairs, giving Bella the money to buy everything. She ran downstairs, to catch the last bus. Bella ran down the road to the bus stop. They were lining up to get on the bus! She ran for it. She made it just in time.


Bella climbed on the bus to get a seat, when she heard a boy the same age as her call her, "Come sit here," He nearly shouted over the noise. Bella sat down next to him. 'Score a window seat!' she thought. "Hi, my name is Henry. You are?" the boy said taking out his hand. He had brown hair and a cherry face. He was wearing a brown jacket with a blue and green scarf, "My name is Bella," she said shaking his hand. He took out a brown book with gold trimmings around it and on the front it said 'Once upon a time.' 

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