The other world

Will Aliva know what to do? Will she survive this strange world? Or will she crumble and stay put? Aliva is on this adventure of saving this world from it's doom. She is the nephew of the long lost queen, Meliva. She didn't tell anybody but her sister, Kelly, Aliva's mother. Will they rise again and save Crofix? We'll wait and see in this twisted adventure!


1. The chest in the attic.

"Aliva!" Aliva's mom cried from the top of her lungs, from the bottom of the flight of stairs. Aliva came out of her bedroom door, jumping all around trying to  tie her shoelaces, "Hold on mom I just need to...No, Kialee!" as Aliva was jumping around to try to tie her shoelaces. Kialee, their dog came rushing by pushing Aliva off her feet right down the stairs. Aliva tumbled and crumbled, right down the stairs. Aliva picked herself up rubbing her arm and her leg, she looked at her mom's face, trying not catch her eyes of disappointment and a little bit of shame, "sorry," Aliva said with a fake smile.


"Aliva, I want you to take these boxes up to the attic. Don't open them!" Aliva's mom said pretty fustrated wanting to burst out as many quiestions as she could, but instead walked in the kitchen muttering to herself. Aliva looked down at the boxes lying in her arms , 'Boy! Are they heavy,' she thought to herself. They were beaten up and had a message on the top box, ' Dear sister, by Meliva,' she read to herself. She took them upstairs to the attic and plumped them down in the middle of the room. She stared at them for a while, then turned to leave. When she got to the attic door she stopped and listened. She heard something singing! Aliva slowly walked back to the boxes and picked up the box the singing was coming from. She took away the tape and opened the box, and stared in awe. There was a chest beatifully carved, and it was glowing. The chest in the attic.

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