Clash Of Elements

In a world were magic is widespread and people are able to use it since childhood, a certain teenager lives in a small village. On his sixteenth Birthday Alexander Fairchild goes to the annual ceremony of awakening, where each child discovers his Attribute or Element. But little did he know that he owned gifts beyond his imagination.



He walked back into the room to check if had forgotten anything. It was a small room, and all its contents were a bed, a cupboard, a desk, and a small table near the bed. Nothing in it could imply the personality of the owner. Even though his family is wealthy, his father always bought him just what he needed and nothing more. He stared at the room as if it was the last time he would see it

"Alexander!, You're going to be late," shouted a voice, "get down here, there's something I want to give you"

"I am coming Dad," replied Alex, regaining his senses

He hurried across a narrow corridor, down a flight stairs into the living room. His father, Richard Fairchild, was an old man in his fifties, but looked much younger; he was a handsome and thin man with dark black hair, decorated with streaks of silver. As Alex reached him, he realized his father was holding a small wooden box. His father opened the box revealing a silver pendant in which the letter "F" was curved

"Fairchild," thought Alex

His father looked at him, his eyes full of sadness, not sorrow but concern. As if it pained him let his son leave, then sighed

 This pendant was given to me by your Grandfather," said his father as he extended it forward. "It is a magical instrument that helps the user control magic freely, Happy Birthday son"

Alex, who had completely forgotten about his Birthday even though it's always on the Ceremony day, simply smiled as he took the present from his father's hands. It felt heavy on his arm as he shoved it into his pocket. His father never used magic or taught him magic before, so Alex truly appreciated it

 I will treasure it, Farewell Father," replied Alex as he lifted his backpack and left the family mansion. He gave the mansion a last look, then started walking toward the Ceremony hall.

The Annual Awakening Ceremony is a ceremony that every sixteen years old goes to, In order to awaken their magic attribute, though most people awaken or use magic at a younger age. There are many different elements of magic such as; wind, fire, water, earth, nature, and others. Some people, though rare, are able to use two or even three different elements. There are also geniuses who are able to use ancient elements, which are the strongest elements ever to exist.

This year, a Mage someone who completly mastered atleast one element, came from Stella Cadens Magic Academy, the best magic academy in the continent, to attend the ceremony. This made people who already awakened come In hope of getting chosen as students there.

Moments later, Alex was waiting in the hall for his name to be called. He never managed to use magic before, so he didn't have high hopes for the results; he couldn't understand the reason of his worry.

"Alexander Fairchild, advance to the testing room," said a voice softly through speakers.

And Alex followed command.

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