A Never Ending Love/Death (N.H/ Sherlock Fanfic)

January 13, 2014, Christa Robinson, a 20 year old girl died in Mystery. Niall Horan a sad, very sad boy cried horribly at the death of his wife, they had one child already, Liam Robert Horan, he said he would never love again. He sent off to find out who this sick bastard was, he went to Holmes, but sadly, Sherlock Holmes was murdered, but by whom? Niall and the rest of the boys sent off to find whom did this to Sherlock and Christa, read more, if you dare.


1. Prologue

It was midnight, a quiet night. I was walking past the river I loved as a child, I would run and play and skip in its glorious path, but sadly my childhood is gone. I've been doing to many horrible deeds now, blaming someone known to mankind who would do this, James Moriarity, yes the thief and murderer himself. But no one would expect moi, to do such a crime, unless you know who I am, which no one will know. Ever. All I have to do now is wait till the clock strikes 9 pm on July 24, 2016 and then everything will fall into plan. James will get thrown into Jail for crimes he did not commit, I will be the Detective who finds the body an be the hero the town deserves, and finally get my hands on the Horan family treasure, after I kill Niall and Liam Horan, of course, this will be simple.

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