Nerd Makeover (Book 1 Complete)

(Book 1) Lilly James, most popular senior year in high school, met loser, nerd and nice boy, Marcel Cox. To bullying him by everyone but not one. Lilly.

Marcel has fed up, in like 5 months since he came in high school and he want to change himself to Nerd, Loser into Cool, Bad boy.

When he came in high school, he's now Harry Styles. He was so mystical and cold into his green eyes.

He wants every girl to get they want him. Well... Lilly finds him a cold bad boy when he ask Lilly.

Has Lilly got a feeling for Harry or Marcel?


1. Prologue


I wonder, why does everything go silent?

Every day when I used to go to high school, everyone used to bullied, Nerd and Loser boy, which was not supposed to say, Marcel Cox.

I hated it when everyone was bullying him, but I can't!

Well, I was supposed to be taking a side on him, but it was too late! 

He's gone for now!

I walked down the hall slowly.

What am I thinking? 

About what? 

Then I reached my locker, and I opened it. 

I was about to grab the book, but something stopped me.

I feel like I got goosebumps on my skin which was strange.

Why am I feeling it?

I heard the entrance door had open.

I turned around to my left to see...

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