How do you feel now?



1. You killed her

Her name was Lauren.....

No one liked her...

They bullied her....

It went too far

She took it to heart

Thought that she was a freak



All alone

With no one to help

She couldn't take it

They pushed her too far

Now she's gone

Kids cry over her

They knew they did wrong

But it's too late

How do you feel now

It's eating you alive

Making you cry

Wishing you died

But it's too late

She's gone

Never coming back

She just wanted to be loved

But you ruined it

She cried until she died

Her family is torn

They blame themselves for it

Everything went crashing down

People committed suicide after she died

But that only made it worse

It won't bring her back

A guy had a crush on her

He still didn't help her

Just keep watching her when she was in pain

He could've saved her

Maybe she'd be here

How do you feel now

Maybe you'll learn

Maybe next time you won't let it get that far

Cuz you know what the consequences are

How do you feel now

After things came crashing down

You probably feel like a clown

Bringing her down

Was it worth it

You killed her

You yourself

I hope you figured that out

How do you feel now she's gone

And what your words have done

You can try

You can cry

You can plead

But you're not innocent......

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