Lone Oak Original

Lone Oak, a town with mysterious origins has been normal for over a century. However something has seemed to awaken from it's century and a half of silence.


1. History

Lone Oak, a town that resides in the north eastern region of the United States is a town like many others. Tucked away in the woods it has a vintage downtown, lakes, mountains, pine trees, and a bustling community. However what many don't know is the power that resides in and around it.


The history of Lone Oak was buried in time, and for good reason. A select family containing men and women dedicated to the study of magic had been banished from Salem prior to the witch trials. Their research had spread rumors of human experimentation and augmentation across Salem. Those who lived in Salem lived in fear, wondering who would be taken by the family next. The family, being wealthy chose to start a new town, one strictly for themselves and the beings they hoped to soon create. The site that is now Lone Oak was chosen due to the fact that it was isolated and seemed to stay that way. And so Lone Oak was created, of course it was not as big as it is today, nor did it have any true human population other than the family.


Lone Oak began with one large mansion the family had lived in, and a series of other buildings that had been built for unknown reasons. Also a large amount of underground construction was done, however it was well hidden and sealed off because no human was ever able to find it. Some do say that it is the soul of the town.


However Lone Oak fell silent, literally over night. Just one day silence. And there is always someone watching, so it did not take long before humans populated the area and built it to the vintage mountain town it is today. But story's of it's origins lingered. Nobody ever figured them for anything more than what they had been labeled as, story's.

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