Skateboards and Softies (short story)

Alice falls for Calum in the park... Literally. Maybe this punk bad boy isn't so bad after all.


1. chapter 1

I was writing this and I was a good portion into writing this story and the app crashed so now I have to start all over and I may take two days to finish this so yeah...



It was a normal summer day in my hometown of Sydney, Australia. I was hanging at the park with my best friend Autumn. "Watch this, Autumn!" I called to her as I set up my skateboard at the top of the tall slide.

"You sure that's a good idea, Alli? I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I'll be fine, I've done crazier."

"Ok then, I'm watching."

I stand on my skateboard and tip forward, going extremely fast on the smooth red plastic. "Woohoo!" I then near the bottom, right as an extremely tan boy stands in front of the slide.

"Watch out!!"

"What- oooff!"

I manage to fling my skateboard away so it doesn't impale his side but I still crash into him and send us both flying.

"Sorry sorry I'm so sorry!" I try to get up, but our limbs are too tangled together. "Ooowww... You're fine. And heavy. Hhmm... Umm... *sigh*" he says. I manage to get one arm out, brushing his side in the process. "Ahaha wait hang on," he untangles a leg. Wait hang on I recognize that voice. I look at his arm and see the tattoo, confirming my suspicions. This is Calum Hood. I crashed into my celeb. crush. Great. I though. He untangles the arm with the tattoos, brushing my stomach, and I flinch. I crawl off of him as Autumn comes running over.

"Are you guys ok!?"

"Yeah, just a little squished." Calum remarks. He looked at my shirt, which happened to be the 5 Seconds of Summer skull.

"So you like us? Cool!"

"I- umm... Yeah."

I usually wasn't like this, although you always act different around your crush. "So... Wanna go swing? I'll race you girls, and crush you." He asks. I never back down from a challenge, and luckily, I'm on my school's track team. "You're on, Calum," I say. "I'll judge, I'm as slow as a snail when it comes to running," Autumn said. She didn't like 5 Sauce that much, so she wasn't stuttering on anything. "GO!"

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