the haunted school

James is starting a new school but what happens when his idol and role modal goes to his school zayn magic but the school is haunted and the whole class are aliens what will the boys do will they survive


1. going to a new school

t was an early morning Jame's woke up and had his breakfast and got changed he was starting a new school today . He was really excited he had his breakfast and left for school  it took him 3 ours to get to the school left at 5am and arrived at 8am .  it was kinda exciting Jame's ran in with excitement but their was no one their he waited for someone suddenly this big car pulled up and got out was zayn malic from one d.   he locked his car hey . I'm new hear saw am i said James I'm James hi I'm zayn i know who you are bro he smiled. shall we go into school. shore they walked in it was rather freaky James was kinda scared I'm hear James Right next to you they found their class. They walked into the class hey where new their was no one their suddenly the lights flicked on and off Jame's screamed I'm hear James don't worry .  suddenly the lights flicked on and the class was full of aliens Jame's screamed zayn was scared but he had to make shore James was OK. are you OK bro. yes I'm fine hi where this is James and I'm zayn nice to meet you know sit down the lights flicked on and off  and their was a scream the boys screamed also the lights turned back on and zayn   and James saw blood on the floor the boys screamed one of you are next . oh no where not zayn screamed. and run the alien was staring at James while he was shacking with be nervous . Zayn dragged James and ran out of the class it was really scary the boys finally got back to class how dare you leave without asking me he screamed. I'm sorry but you scare us though oh i do he did a evil lough.  yes they shacked. sit down he screamed. they both sat as soon as they could. no talking James I'm sorry the lights flicked and another student was killed and  they heard another scream we need to  get out of hear bro i agree James.  but they where trapped the door was locked. you will not be going anywhere if you don't do your homework he laughed. they boys looked scared and said OK. What is the homework then um if you want i can sing saw can i said James we can siboth sig to you instead of you killing us they  said slowly. how dare you tell us what to do no ti was just a plan the boys said ok i dont like this plan anouther plan i kill both of you oh no you wont zayn saud how dare you talk like that to me your not very polite you need to learn manners zaybns face looked bright red e was furiouse  end of part 1



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