Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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3. two

We then laugh and head seperate ways. I head to the kitchen and go behind the bar counter. I grab some drinks from the cabinet behind me and get my bags of drugs out. "Okay who's ready to get high?!" I shout as a bunch of people cheer and line up for some of my good shit.

"A glass of vodka and one kiss on the lips." says a raspy voice. I look up to see the person I least expected.

I turn my head down and make his drink. "A dollar for the drink and no kiss." I say to Harry as he chuckles.

"You're funny." he leans in as I back away with a glare.

"You're blocking my customers." I say through gritted teeth. He then raises his hands up in defense takes his shot. He sighs and walks over to the back of the counter.

"Let me help you." he says as I roll my eyes.

"I'm fine thanks." I say as he sits on the counter and pouts. This idiot must be drunk.


Chris' POV

"Ugh..." I groan as I feel sunlight hit my face.

"Get up we're going shopping!" says Macy as she opens up my curtains even more.

I groan as I close my eyes and put a pillow on my face. "C'mon let's go!" she says.

"I don't need anything from the mall." I say as I continue laying in bed.

"Okay well maybe we could go look for jobs." she says as my eyes widen in fear.

"Um I have a job." I say as she shakes her head at me and says, "Selling things on campus grounds isn't a job, it's a one way ticket out of college."

I groan as I say, "Fine I'll get a real job, but only so I can have a backup plan for making money when my inventory is cleared up."

Macy then smiles and starts to cheer like the crazy maniac she is. "Awesome!" she squeals as she runs to the bathroom.

I finally get out of bed and check to see it was ten in the morning. I stretch my arms and walk over to the closet to find my outfit of the day. I open my closet to find a pile of clothes in it and a box of pizza laying right on top of it. I open the box and take a whif of it and holy shit it stinks. I make a disgusting gagging sound and grab the box. I throw it away and then grab the magical pile of dirty clothes in my laundry basket.

"Jesus! What died in here?" said Macy as I turn to see her holding her nose. I laugh at her reaction and say, "My soul."

"Please you sold your soul to the devil a long time ago. That smell is probably your heart decaying." she jokes as I smile.

I then look back into my closet and find some clean undergarments and clothes. I change into my undergarments not caring if Macy will see me naked 'cause that's how I am. I then put on my printed T-shirt and shorts on with my converse. I then run to the bathroom and curl my hair to perfection. I then brush my hair and wash my face. Macy then walks in and says, "You clean up good! The beast is clean!"

I roll my eyes and say, "Remind me to kill Jasper  for giving me that nickname."

"Will do." she replies. We then both come out of the bathroom and grab our phone and keys.


"You find what you're looking for?" I shout as I sit on the fitting room couch waiting for Macy.

"Yes! I'm just changing into my clothes!" she shouts back as I huff and wait. We've been shopping forever and I just want to go back to my dorm and sleep already. I then take out my phone and go through my Instagram.

It looked I had been tagged to a couple of photos and had one DM so far. I looked through the tagged photos and they were pictures that Jasper, Macy, and some others took of last nights party.

Jasper had written how awesome last night was and I decided to comment something.

ChrisJones awe how sweet! and u complained for nothin yesterday!

He replied back immediately.

JasperCasper @ChrisJones i h8 u

ChrisJones the feeling is mutual

JasperCasper @ChrisJones bish wet??? i though wat we had was real!

ChrisJones in ur dreams bish

JasperCasper @ChrisJones watevs talk to the hand

ChrisJones talk to my ass

With that I liked the pitcure and went to see my feed on Instagram. I liked some more pictures here and there and then posted one of myself sitting on the floor of the fitting room with a caption that read.

ChrisJones Shopping with @MacyCrazy and lookin for jobs!

I got a bunch of likes from my followers and some comments that said nice things and had good luck wishes attached to them.

I then looked at my account page and noticed that I was almost at 900k followers. I don't get why people follow me. I'm not special and I'm boring, if you ask me. I sighed and clicked on my DMs to see a picture from, Harry?

I click on it to see it was a picture of my back, while I was serving, more like selling stuff to people yesterday. Underneath the picture the caption read.

HarryStyles you looked gr8 babe ;)

That creep! Taking pictures of me without my permission! Ugh why does he keep talking to me? I'm not special and I'm someone people should avoid. I then start to comment back.

ChrisJones delete that pic from ur phone

HarryStyles nah i think ill keep it babe ;)

ChrisJones im not ur babe and stop with the flirty faces!

HarryStyles dont wrry ull b my babe soon

"Creep." I say to myself as I lock my phone.

"Who's a creep?" asked Macy as she walks out of the fitting room.

"That Harry kid!" I say as she smirks.

"I've seen the way he looks at you." she says as I roll my eyes at her.

"Don't start with that love bull shit." I tell her as she shrugs and walks over to the cashier. It's almost 3 o' clock. I need to look for that job so I can make more cash and help my family back home.

"I'm going to go look for a job, I'll just take the subway back." I tell Macy as she nods her head and continues paying for her stuff.

I walk out of the boutique and head over to the coffee shops, maybe I can work at a Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I walk around and find the food court, I look around the area, but see no hiring places. I sigh as I walk further in the mall and find the coffee shops, but yet again nobody was hiring.

Just when I was about to lose hope I find a candy shop called Lolli and Pops. It had the typical white and red sign that had the words 'We're Hiring' spread across it. I shrug my shoulders and enter the shop to find a bunch of rooms, each one filled different types of candy. There was even a little photobooth where you could take a picture and post it online. There was also a bar where a bunch of kids were sitting and eating candy. I grab a seat at the bar and an employee came up to me. His name tag read Max and I asked him about the job opening.

"Oh yeah, my dad actually owns the shop so if you'd like I can introduce you to him now." he explained as I nodded my head. He then smiled at me and went to grab his dad from the back room, which only employees were allowed to enter. Two minutes later he came back with a man who had a curly ended mustache, but no hair on his head. His name tag read Joey and he looked like he was in his mid forties.

"Hello...." he didn't know my name so I said, "Chris, Chris Jones." I gave him a hand shake as he nodded and sat on a chair.

"Okay here is an application, you'll need to send a resume as well." he explained with hand gestures as I said, "Oh I already have my resume ready."

He nodded his head with a smile and said, "Very well." I hand him my resume and he grabs it. He opens it up and looks through it real quick, he then looks back at me and says, "You have some good experience."

I nod my head as he asks, "Tell me what is your major?"

"Business." I say as his eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

"That's perfect! And how do you feel about just working on Saturdays in the afternoon?" he asked. Well hey I'll still be able to have time for fun so why the heck not?

"Sounds perfect for working hours." I reply.

"Very well. You got the job! Your first shift will start next Saturday. I'll have my son and another employee show you around next time." he says as I smile and thank him. He then stands up and walks away.

"I'll see you next Saturday Chris." said Max as I smiled and waved him goodbye.


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