Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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2. one

Chris' POV

"Hurry up I don't have all day." I spat out as Lily reached into her crappy back pack and took out twenty dollars. Lily is our dorm rooms slut, she has a group of fake friends, who are all bimbos like her. But I can't complain 'cause my business with her is really good. Most of my money is coming from her wallet and pockets.

"Here. Now where's my packs of cigs." she asks as her group of 'friends' wait by her side. She hands me my money and I open up my thick leather jacket, which had bags of drugs and packs of cigs hanging from it. I grab four packs of Marlboro cigarettes and toss them to her as she hungrily attacks them open.

"You have a lighter?" she asks as I smirk.

"That's a dollar, and I have a three for two deal on those." I say as she rolls her eyes.

She huffs and reaches into her back pack again for some more money. Once she takes it out she has her friend Lindsay hand it over as I hand her three lighters. Once done with the bargain I give her a salute and leave the girl's restroom. I walk down the hallway and find my friends Macy and Jasper waiting by my locker.

"Morning ladies." I say as Jasper rolls his eyes and says, "Morning beast."

I slap him on the shoulder as he laughs and I open my locker. It was the best one of the school, which I was able to get just for some cocaine. The kids at this campus are total wackjobs for drugs and alcohol. Speaking of which I need to check to see if the cooler in my locker is still working.

"So you have any M&Ms in that fridge of locker." says Macy as I shrug.

"Let me see." I say as I push my crappy textbooks aside and look through my locker. I found a box of M&Ms with there labels on them. I turn around and ask Macy, "Peanuts, Pretzels, or Regular?"

"Regular." she replies as I grab a regular M&Ms pack.

"That'll be one dollar." I say as she hands me the dollar.

"Pleasure doing business with you." I say as she chuckles and opens her bag of candy.

"You wouldn't by any chance be selling your virginity to the music majors?" he asks as I roll my eyes and say, "I'm a saleswoman not a whore you dick."

I then close my locker and head towards the workout machines. I look around waiting for my next customer when suddenly someone bumps into me.

"Shit." I curse as I notice one of packs fell to the ground. I quickly grab the pack of cigs from the floor and hide it in my jacket.

"Are you selling drugs?" asks a raspy voice. I look up to see some guy with green eyes and curly hair. He's hot, but he looks like a goody two shoes who's going to get me in trouble.

"No." I say with no expression as I fix the collar of my jacket and walk away to another machine.

Psst! I hear as I look in the direction I heard it from. I notice my next customer, which was Jack Sen, the college football team's quarterback.

"You got my stuff." he asked as I nodded. I put my hand in my jacket and take out ten packs of condoms. Did I forget to mention that he's a player and sells sex?

He hands me my thirty dollars in cash and runs off. "So you are a dealer?" asks that same annoying voice.

I groan as I turn around and say, "What do you want? I'm on a tight schedule."

He shrugs and says, "Nothing, just wanted to know what you were doing."

"Well for your information I'm not a dealer, I'm a saleswoman." I explain as he just stands there smirking. He tries to lean against the exercise machine next to him, but ends up falling to the floor. I roll my eyes and chuckle at his epic fail moment. I then give him my hand and help him up.

"Well I got to go, so later dude." I say as I wave him off.

"This won't be the last time you see me darling." he shouts as I give him the finger.

"God you're annoying." I mutter to myself.


"So how's college been sweetheart?" asks my mom over the phone.

"Mom I've only been here for a month, but if you must know it's been good so far." I say with a sigh.

"That's good to hear sweetheart. Oh your sister wants to say hi." she says as I hear movement.

"Hi Chris!" shouts my happy teenage sister Janice.

"Hey Jan!" I shout back as we laugh.

"So how's the college life? Any parties or sex?" she asks as my eyes widen.

"Oh God you need Jesus." I say as she laughs.

"So the sex is that good then?" she jokes as I say, "I'm still a virgin you doof!"

"But by Christmas you won't be." she says.

"You've been reading mom's Fifty Shades of Grey haven't you?" I ask with a smirk.

"Shit! Don't tell mom!" she begs as I laugh and say, "Sure."

"Well I have to go study for some classes. Bye!" I say as she hangs up. I'm glad my mom and sister have a safe and secure life. I'm glad I moved out, I can now protect them and help out more. I'm no teen idle for my sister and I would probably just end up hurting my mom with my attitude so I'm glad that everything has changed.

I sigh and decide to do my studying my tomorrow since it's a Friday night. I then start browsing through my phone until I recieve an Instagram notification. I go on my Instagram account, which is just my name Chris Jones, and look at my notifications.

Harry Styles sent you a follow request.

"Who the heck is Harry Styles?" I ask myself as Macy enters the room and says, "Music major and a total hottie!"

"How do you know?" I ask out of curiousity.

She shrugs her shoulders and says, "My cousin Hallie is friends with Harry's friend's girlfriend."

"What? I'm confused." I say totally lost.

"Harry is friends with Louis Tomlinson, who's dating a girl named Bea, who's friends with Hallie." she explains as I nod and say, "Oh."

"But I think Louis and his girlfriend are engaged. I'm not sure though." she continues to talk as I shrug my shoulders and click on 'Harry's account.

I notice that all his pictures are black and white. Yeesh is this like a dark theme or is he some goth?

I then notice a picture of him and my eyes widen. What the fuck? It's that guy from the gym! How the hell did he find my account? Ugh probably thirsty for followers. I decide to allow his request and follow him back just to see what he wants with me.

Two minutes later I get a comment from Satan himself.

JasperCasper party at my place 2nite! bring booze!

@JasperCasper be there in 30

"Macy!" I shout as she walks out of the bathroom again and says, "Already on it!"

"Don't forget to get some booze! I'll meet you there in thirty!" I shout as she nods and closes the door.


"You're late." says Jasper as he drags me inside his brother's house.

"Sorry." I say with an innocent look.

"Don't try that on me you she devil! I know your dirty ways!" he says as Macy walks in the room and says, "Lay off Jas."

Jasper then sighs and says, "I say one thing to the girl and now I'm being attacked!"

"Love you too bitch!" I say as he huffs and walks to the crowded kitchen.

"You're not going to party are you?" asks Macy with a chill look.


"You're going to sell stuff aren't you?"


"And I should be totally okay with this?"


We then laugh and head seperate ways. I head to the kitchen and go behind the bar counter. I grab some drinks from the cabinet behind me and get my bags of drugs out. "Okay who's ready to get high?!" I shout as a bunch of people cheer and line up for some of my good shit.

"A glass of vodka and one kiss on the lips." says a raspy voice. I look up to see the person I least expected.

I turn my head down and make his drink. "A dollar for the drink and no kiss." I say to Harry as he chuckles.

"You're funny." he leans in as I back away with a glare.

"You're blocking my customers." I say through gritted teeth. He then raises his hands up in defense takes his shot. He sighs and walks over to the back of the counter.

"Let me help you." he says as I roll my eyes.

"I'm fine thanks." I say as he sits on the counter and pouts. This idiot must be drunk.


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