~Water World~ (Pirate Two)

Venture the blue for your lost memories.
This story is another story if you've read ~Water World~(Pirate One). But it's also about adventures.


1. Prologue

The water that reflects the mighty sky started to be stained by an enormous blood that flowed over by the great fight that's been happening in the deep blue. Hell started to appear as clashes of sword begins to echo all the way with sounds of groans and painful shrieks that could pierce the ears. And so the war had started to the sea.

The clouds began devouring the sky. Fire smokes joined as it covers the scenery, and there the rain had began to cry down the surface of sea. And the whisper of wind started to be heard singing with the great splash of rain.

And there a man stood with his bloody sword beside him. As his eyes reflexes the dancing of fire that waves around gracefully until the rain cleansed his bloody face...

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