The Meadow of Magic

I started to write this morning and came up with this, i think its enough to get me started anyway. I'll be posting on Wattpad and Movellas so check those out...same username.

In a magical land far away from here lived seven children, just turned 15. Vivian Poppel, the adventurer who will stop at nothing to find adventure throughout the land. Cherish Bleu, the kind girl who helps everyone who needs it. Briar Rose, the one whose beauty leaves everyone who meets her speechless. Ashton Sun, the one who finds opportunity in everything. Trinity Tulane, the funny one who stops at nothing to make others laugh. Lucille Daisy, the lonely one who can’t help but think of what life would be like with someone else in it. Danielle Peony, the final of the seven also the youngest, whose child-like spirit finds the kid in everyone and brings it out. These are the kids, the kids who haven’t met, the kids who will meet, who need to meet, who want to meet.


1. Chapter 1

Vivian’s POV


I was walking home from my daily visit to the meadow. I go there to be alone, it’s a good adventure I suppose. I don’t have many friends, they cannot keep up with me. I have a good home life, with a mom, dad and two siblings, twins named Tabitha and Anne. I was almost home when my only friend Angel ran over to me.

“Viv! Where have you been? You were supposed to come over three hours ago.” She said. I couldn’t tell her about the meadow. It was well hidden, a mile into the forest between two willow trees hidden by the long olive green leaves. There was a grotto about 2 minutes away from the meadow where I go swimming on hot days.

“I’m sorry Ang, I was trying to find flowers

for my mothers vase.” I answered. I hated lying to her, but I couldn’t tell her about my special place.

“Then where are the flowers?” she asked me.

“I couldn’t find any…” I hesitated. “…I must have gone into the wrong part of the forest.” I finished. She eyed me suspiciously and finally left after telling me she had to go eat dinner. I walked home quickly and put my bag on the table beside our couch. I went into the kitchen and found my mother making granola. I grabbed an apple out of the fridge and kissed her on the cheek while heading into the living room and sitting next to father.  I watched our local television program and went up to my room to read a book. I walked by the twins’ room and saw them giggling over the new pop star, Ashton. I huffed and walked into my room, unlike the other children in this town called Poppelton, I had a hammock instead of an actual bed. It had a red blanket and a pillow with poppies on it. I wrapped myself up in the blanket and started to read my book, soon I found myself falling asleep.

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