Best Friends?

Lucy Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since forever. But lucy secretly is in love with justin but justin is madly inlove with selena. When justin tells lucy about his relatipnship she gets very jelous very quickly. But what happens when justins love for selena fades away? What if lucy's jelousy gets out of control? What will happen between them two?


1. Chapter 1

Lucy P.O.V


I rolled over feeling the cold air on my face, i groaned loudly... School. I rise to my feet and stumbled over to my walk in closet. I decided to go casual today since i don't really care what other people think. Once i changed i jumped on my bed to grab my iPhone 6 and saw i had two texts. One from jay (Justin) and other from Madison my best friend, well my only best friend. She was the only person who wasn't obnoxious and who i really liked other than Justin. I haven't known mads as long as i have known Justin but fairly a long time. As i clicked on the text, my phone rang... Justin, i smiled.

"Yes?" I replied suspiciously 

"Yo, Thanks for ignoring me." He mumbled

"I wasn't ignoring you, you know i love you " i giggled

"Yeah yeah, Are you ready yet" He groaned, i could hear that he was driving.

" Yep, meet me outside grumpy ass" I let out a little laugh then hung up. 

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, i looked for my dad but he wasn't' here? Strange.  Now, my mum died when i was 7 because of a overdose, Justin helped me through it and was by my side through out everything and i have developed Major feelings for him since. But i think he doesn't feel the same way which is the worst feeling!

I grabbed my school bag and red apple and walked out. There was a silver FiskerCamer outside, oh i wonder who that is? (Note the siacasm) I threw my bad in the backseat and hoped in. Justin had his dark shades on and look very sexy.  couldnt help but bit my lip, i tryed to hide it. He looked at me for less than 5 seconds and started the car and drove off. I just laughed quietly but i knew he heard because he grumbled. 10 mins later we were at school, Justin was still in the car while i got out. 

"Out now grumpy!" I said sternly, but i let out a small laugh.

He moaned and pulled himself out the car. We walked in school and everyone was staring, it was normal for us. All of a sudden i heard a loud scream saying my name. I turned around and there was Madison, she jumped into my arms. 

"Hello to you too!" I giggled and so did she.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Justin.

"Hey, luc im going k." He said and kissed my cheek and walked off.

i blushed like crazy! Omg Lucy pull yourself together your in public! Urghh .... Madison nudged me with a grin on her face, i rolled my eyes and began walking.

"Cmon luc, you've liked him for ages just tell him the truth!!" I rolled my eyes, i looked down and thought for a second but then shrugged it off as the bell went.

Me and mads had science with Mr.Thomas. As we walked in class i saw Justin laughing with another girl, Selena? The schools barbie doll. I felt a shot of hot blood rush through me ? I sat down in front of Justin awkwardly. Halfway through the lesson, i kept on hearing giggles behind me my blood started to boil like crazy !! I casually turned my head back to see what they were doing. My eyes grew wide when i saw Selena and Justin holding hands! When Justin turned his head to look at me i quickly turned my head to Mr.Thomas. I decided to block out there giggles and all that shit and focused. I turned to look at Madison and she was grinning at me. I rolled my eyes and turned to the board, hell it was soo boring but finally the bell went. I walked out of the class with mads and went to lockers. 

"Jealous little Lucy!" She said playfully and giggled, i just rolled my eyes.

"Pfft nope i was not j-jealous!" I said without trying to stutter.

"Aha yeah you are, i know you luc, dont worry its normal  ." I looked into space but the slam of her locker shut me out of my daydream.

When school was over i walked outside and said goodbye to Madison, she waved and walked off. I was leaning against a tree waiting for justin when suddenly i saw Justin and Selena walking over WHAT?! Holding hands.... I tried not to seem too jelous and got in the car. I leaned to Justin and whispered;

"Why is she here?" I said uncomfortably but curiously 

"Shes My Girlfriend!" He said as if i was dumb to the fact. 

My eyes widened and i just sat back in anger/shock and ignored them for the rest of the ride. When we got home, i barged past Selena and nearly knocked her over, i heard her laugh which made me more frustrated, i ran upstairs and slammed my door shut in anger.  I sent a text to Mads.

"He has a GIRLFRIEND, Guess who.... Barbie doll Selena and she is changing him already!" I slammed my fingers down on my phone in frustration. Suddenly the door burst open and in came a angry looking Justin. 

"What is the hell up with you Lucy ?" He shouted in a loud voice.

"Nothing." I mumbled and turned my back to Justin. He slammed the door shut and it was silent. I sighed loudly. seconds later I went downstairs to get food. When i got to the bottom of the stairs i heard some noises coming from the kitchen, i sneaked my head through the kitchen door and saw Selena sitting on the kitchen counter with Justin in front of her, they were all over each other. I angrily slammed the kitchen door and ran back upstairs. My phone rang and it was mads.

"Her luc, are you okay Hun?" she said in a worried voice.

"Not really, Selena is round and they are eating each others faces off" I sighed and fell on my bed. 

"Awe bae, want to come over and stay at mine?"

"I will if SHE is staying! ill ask justin 1 sec !" I said and emphisised on the word SHE. 

I walked down the stairs quietly and went in the kitchen, they were still sucking each others faces. v.v I cleared my throat and Justin quickly turned his head in embarrassment, Selena just smirked at me. V.V  

"Um is barbie doll staying here tonight?" I said trying not to sound pissed.

"Yeah she is, Why?" He said quite loudly

"Well if she is i'm not!" I then walked off and went to my room and started to pack my overnight clothes for mads. The door opened and it was Selena. 

"Yes?" I said through gritted teeth

"Stop getting so jealous!" Bitch v.v she then picked up a photo with my mom in it. i glared at her and she saw but didn't put it down

"Just go away!" i said as i sighed and snatched the photo out of her hand.

"Just because your mum died doesn't mean you have to be soooo bitchy!" She said in a dumb voice! Oh no she didnt...

"Dont you DARE talk about my mum!!" I shouted

Justin came through the door like a flash.

"What the hell Lucy?" He said shocked. He saw the tears in my eyes.

I stayed silent with tears flowing out of my eyes, but i turned my direction towards them

"Where is my best friend gone?" With tears flowing down my face, i could tell Justin had a sad/shocked expression.

I turned to my heels and walked to mads, she only lives round the corner so it isn't far. Once i got there i knocked on the door, Madison saw it was me and opened the door and pulled me in. "Tell me everything!" She saw my tears and pulled me for a hug.

"She brang my mum into it so i screamed at her" I said dryly, squinting from all the tears 

"What a bitch"

"I know, i know but he isnt the same anymore with her, i dont know my best friend anymore" I let tears fall but wiped them quickly. 

"I'm gonna go to bed mads if that's okay i'm tired especially after today!" 

"Okay Hun, night night don't let the barbie doll bite!" She giggled , i couldnt help but let out a laugh


Next Morning;

I woke up and stretched. I pushed mads out of bed i laughed alot and she just swore at me so i laughed even more.

"Oh god" I just remembered Jelena day v.v ( Pretend i made it up )  I got up and put on this ; 


. I decided to make a effort today and no not because of Justin .... pfft .-.  Me and mads walked to school and on the way we were arranging tonight because Tyler the head of the football team is throwing a part for all the school. Tyler is like my older brother but i never really speak to him anymore because he is always busy training. As we walked to our lockers, we notices 'Jelena' still sucking each others face. Geez, they must have a record or something! As we made our way to math, we past 'Jelena' again. i didn't care to speak so i just walked past them and i felt Justin's eyes on me but i kept on walking. I took my place in front of Justin again. More pain ..... I felt a tap on my shoulder, instant thoughts i knew it was Justin but i just ignored it and Mr.Williams started the lesson.. They kept on giggling and my blood was boiling like crazy, i overheard Selena talking,

"Baby i want you so bad!" She fake pouted

"I know baby, wait for tonight!" And i could just see him wink

"Oh Baby!" she said in a pout! omg v.v

My blood was boiling until i felt my head explode, i got up calmly and before i knew it i stormed out  the lesson and felt eyes on me especially justins. As i walked out i felt tears dripping down my face. I walked straight home and into my room and with tears falling out of my eyes, i fell in a deep sleep.


P.s I dont not hate selena I LOVE HER <3 i just couldnt think of anyone else :) #Selenator

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